Interbit can help you build better apps faster and get them to users who need them. It is going to be a general-purpose blockchain platform that is permission based. It is constructed with the specific goal of rapid development of the app. This blockchain is built entirely using JavaScript. This is a platform for developers and not just for those who have experience in the blockchain.

With Interbit, you are able to use multiple blockchains that are joined together. You can build applications instead of having to use one monolithic chain. This lets those chains share data securely between them, which makes it possible to have service-oriented architecture.

Interbit Launch

Interbit recently launched for testing and feedback. Visitors to the platform will be able to access and download Interbit. They can then launch their own multiple blockchain solutions and then give feedback to the BTL support team.

Interbit is based on the blockchain but it will be token free. It is built to address the issues of scalability and privacy, and other shortcomings on existing blockchain platforms. It was developed using JavaScript to make it as easy for anyone to use as possible. This platform offers a secure environment for computing all while ensuring data is private.

What The BTL CEO Had To Say

The CEO of BTL said that during the development of Interbit, the team discovered that existing blockchain products had issues of scalability and privacy. That is why they came up with Interbit. It is going to help the world build blockchain products that are scalable and secure.

Interbit is a unique chain merging technology, which will allow users to keep metadata private in the design framework. It will also be quite easy to use. These are all elements that will be important if blockchain technology is to be accepted by the business community. A developer could be up and running on Interbit in just a few minutes.

Key Attributes Of Interbit

  • Data privacy
  • Easy to adopt and use
  • Scalability and speed
  • Better protection from cyber threats

Lack Of Tokenization

After the testing phase, Interbit will move to the production stage once they have enough feedback. They will also order a full security audit by an independent company to determine whether they were successful.

About BTL And Interbit

BTL is listed on the TSX Venture Exchange as BTL. It operates from both the UK and Canada. The company has offices in Calgary, London, and Vancouver. BTL is a technology company that is the creator of Interbit, which is supposed to offer the crucial link between the world of business and the blockchain.

Developers and business that need Interbit can simply license it. They can then build and share their applications on a secure ecosystem. This will let them embrace a new revenue-generating opportunity. Interbit offers the speed and privacy that older generation of the blockchain technology cannot offer. This is especially so when it comes to chain joining, which is technology that allows products to connect to multiple blockchains. This will lead to a simpler and secure method of computing.

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