What Is Bubblo?

Bubblo is an AI Powered platform that lets users discover top five recommendations on things such as bars, restaurants, and other venues based on user-generated data.

How Bubblo Blockchain AI Discovery, Travel, Shop, Eat, Earn Platform Works

To ensure there is a constant flow of data, the platform offers incentives to users to offer up data. The incentives are in the form of Bubblo tokens, which can be redeemed for rewards or discounts at merchants and venues.

For the third parties and merchants, the tokens represent the right to retarget clients to collect valuable market data. All users will have the right to monetize or protect their data using the token. Bubblo also helps businesses develop a real-time advertising presence that they can track via anonymous check-ins.

This app integrates both physical and digital aspect of the experience into a simple and presentable format. To achieve this, it integrates the physical and digital worlds and presents them in a simplified and visual manner.

Bubblo Mission

Bubblo aims to create a business and user ecosystem that is up to date where all parties are incentivized to participate and share data.

Centralized Systems Problems, Bubblo Solutions

For Consumers

Existing tools for discovery usually show huge lists or show dozens of pins on maps. These suggestions are usually not helpful for the user to narrow down their options. Besides that, the current social media sites and review sites have no transparency about the data they collect. Besides that, users do not benefit from their data under the current model.

Based on the likes on social media, the number of followers and how often pictures are uploaded and check-ins on social media, Bubblo utilizes the data to rank venues. It offers a simple and visual way for users to judge bars, restaurants, clubs, a retail stores even before you step foot into them.

For Businesses

Bubblo aims to solve the issue that faces most businesses in taking part in the digital space. Today, most businesses find it hard to advertise in real-time to patrons in their area via mobile devices.

Most venues today are only able to advertise via discovery tools. However, these companies only serve as a filter between potential patrons and the ads. There is no way for venues to reach out to customers as they do with a billboard or staff members on the streets.

When venues place digital ads online, they have no way to gauge how effective their ads were in getting customers to their place of business. This lack of data has made it hard for most bars and restaurants to place effective ads on mobile devices. Bubblo will offer businesses the tools they need to track the success of their ad campaigns. Businesses can then use the marketing platform to send videos and deals directly with the customers. This is going to be a great platform with integrated marketing tools for businesses.

Bubblo BUBL Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token Ticker: BUBL
  • Price: 1 BUBL = 0.10 USD
  • Platfor: Ethereum
  • Hard cap: 60,000 ETH
  • Date: Private Pre-sale ongoing

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