People following the global economic market know that ‘Blockchain technology’ is an all new way of doing businesses that can not only help small companies, but also industries, and governments. It’s benefit lies in the fact that it is an “almost instantaneous” way of making/verifying monetary transactions.Due to their streamlined nature, blockchain services are cost effective, and eliminate the chances of fraud.

At this point, it is also important to learn how the blockchain works. Basically put, it is a data structure that creates ’digital transaction ledgers’ that are distributed among all of the individuals on that network (thereby making monetary transfers more transparent).

What Is Budbo?

Budbo 2.0 is an all new ’open, transparent, and publicly verifiable’ platform that has been designed to help change the way users, dispensaries and couriers interact and exchange data such as:

  • Value assets
  • Contracts

The Budbo app makes use of the blockchain network, and thus possesses almost unending possibilities in terms of growth and social outreach. Some services being delivered by Budbo 2.0 include product matching, direct organic advertising, instant payments, efficient supply chain and inventory management.

What Is The Aim Of The Budbo Token Sale?

Through this crowdsale, Budbo aims to make its name in the crypto world by releasing a service that is not only secure and transparent, but also has the potential to redefine the way the cannabis industry works. Some of the key aspects of this platform include:

Advanced Crypto Model: through the use of blockchain technology, Budbo is able to deliver its customers with a “working modular code and a sandbox environment” that can help strengthen infrastructure and cut unnecessary costs.

Compatibility: this application can be used via the cloud or even in a “hybrid environment”. All participating dispensaries can thus easily make use of this platform without having to spend a lot of money to bolster their infrastructure.

Who Is Budbo Meant For?

Growers: cannabis growers who make use of this product are given unique opportunities to help streamline their business operations. Through the use of Budbo, growers can obtain services such as:

  • Supply Procurement: app users can buy Supplies, Equipment etc through this platform.
  • Harvesting: it can assist users during the harvesting of their crop and even with post processing.

Dispensaries: as mentioned earlier, dispensaries who join this network will be able to reap benefits such as:

  • Delivery Verification: all orders and consignments can be tracked at all times. In addition to this, through the use of certain security protocols, Budbo is able to verify the legitimacy of an item before it is even shipped out.
  • Storage + Inventory Control: another feature which makes this product stand out is its ability to help manage inventory, storage issues.

Why Choose Budbo?

Instant Tracking: users have the option of ‘Real-Time GPS tracking’ via the free driver mobile app.

Up-to-date Info: Budbo makes use of ‘Custom API interactions’ to make sure that all of the most relevant data sets are being used by the app at any given time.

Data based decisions: through the comparison of complex analytical data, Budbo is able to make smart business choices if needed.

Legal: all of the company’s facilitates are made to run in full compliance with strict state, local & Federal laws

Secure: all sensitive data is stored in a secure cloud server. As a result of this, Budbo is really easy to set up, and can be used by novices and experienced customers alike.

Token Details

Budbo Tokens will be the currency that is native to this application. It will serve as a digital asset that can be used to power and incentivize the Budbo ecosystem. The token will be abbreviated and called BUBO (It is Ethereum ERC20 compliant). To make a purchase, users need to email company representatives. Once a request has been sent, a team member will get back to you with additional specific information in terms of pricing, minimum purchase amount etc.

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