Buildcoin Review

The buildcoin is the world’s first digital currency built entirely for the construction industry. And according to the platform, it’s also the only token of its kind. It’s a very well looked at and respected company, being hailed by Entrepreneur Magazine one of the top 14 blockchain companies being unveiled in the year of 2018.

And you can even read about it in Entrepreneur Magazine. The Token Sale for the platform is starting soon as well. And for anyone looking to invest into the ICO, you can head to the company website at and learn more, there is a simple way to enter your email address and subscribe to the company newsletter. Along with that, the platform can be followed on Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, Slack and by Email.

buildcoin homepage

What Is Buildcoin?

The company BUILDCoin is a freely distributed and tradeable digital currency platform. It’s developed to revolutionize the construction industry in a real-time, peer to peer network that gathers and operates for sending and collecting payments on the BUILD1x Mobile Platform, also free to download.

Build1x is designed for homebuilder and commercial builders. Its also being developed to help building supply manufacturers and the makers of products as well. That’s not all however, contractors and sub-contractors as well as construction workers, engineers, architects and companies who support or are involved in any part of the construction industry are also the type of people who will benefit from BUILD1x.

Every year the construction industry is annually spending over eight trillion USD. And the platform BUILDx1 gives all the people in the industry the ability to connect instantly on a global network of construction professionals, BUILD1x also gives:

Built For Construction: The platform is built specifically for the construction industry and is also legally backed up with smart contracts that can b enforced.

Built In Trust: There is Built in fault tolerance that keeps the network transparent. And it runs strictly on the blockchain technology, where the data is stored forever in an unchangeable manner that can’t be manipulated.

Project Funding: The company is accessible only through project funding and carries a ZERO percent interest with it.

Find: Easily locate new team members, job opportunities and materials or special equipment.

Real Time Payments: There is a way to automatically draw schedules and peer-to-peer virtual payment transactions.

Connect: The platform makes it easy to connect all of the community members in one place. Ultimately – Build will help you save money by cutting the cost of construction from every angle there is.

About Buildcoin ICO

There is currently no information given on the ICO for the build network. It’s likely the company has other methods for funding the project. Hopefully, we will see something happen with the company funding over the course of the next few weeks or months.

Who Is Behind Buildcoin?

Trac Stephenson is founder of the company and has over 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur. Trac is no stranger to business development either and has been involved in countless successful businesses. He’s the leader of a massive team of ultra-successful tech specialists and other experts from various related fields. Each member of the team can be verified by following the Linkedin Profile link on the company website.

Buildcoin In Conclusion

Buildcoin is possibly the only cryptocurrency blockchain company that is focused around construction. If you’re looking for a way to connect with others in the field or related ones, then could be for you.

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