Bulleon BLN Token ICO Is The First Ever Decentralized Initial Coin Offering

One of the biggest benefits of cryptocurrencies today is the fact they are setup or could be setup in a decentralized fashion where it is free from oversight and third party interference.

Interestingly enough, a new initial coin offering called Bulleon is presenting itself as a platform that is able to improve trading by making it easier and simpler. It explains that it is able to achieve this goal by offering the one and only first-ever decentralized initial coin offering token sale. Those who use the platform may be able to make quicker profits and gains with Bulleon Decentralized ICO, but is it worth it and what does the future hold?

What Is Bulleon?

Before choosing a system, it is important to recognize what the platform is. In this case, Bulleon is a peer-to-peer platform that is meant to function as a universal digital asset sphere. That is to say, those who use this system will be served by the most common asset-related commercial and e-services.

The concept ensures that end users have the digital tools and services that they need, all in one place, to conduct trades. The trading system is also meant to be one of the fastest on the crypto market, making it an attractive resource for many.

Currently, the platform is on its way to offering the first decentralized ICO so that users can profit even more.

Bulleon ICO (BLN Token) Details:

Currently, the total supply of the initial coin offering is at 7,970,000 billion and this is what is available to the public. There is a short amount that is also for those who are part of the bounty program, air drop, and who are founders.

Those who are interested in a greater breakdown of the initial coin offering can review the information on the brand’s website.

As the brand explains, the ICO is a unique approach to ICOs as well. For instance, unlike many other ICOs, this one does not feature a pre-sale. Therefore, those who are interested should get in on the action sooner, rather than later.

Additionally, tokens are readily available to anyone who wants to purchase them, not just investors. Essentially, no matter what one’s status is, they may be able to benefit from the bullion ICO and what it has to offer. However, as previously stated, those who are interested in purchasing the ICO should make an effort to do so while there are coins available.

The readily-available quality of this ICO may mean that it could deplete much faster.

Bulleon Decentralized ICO Summary

Overall, the Bulleon ICO may offer many individuals a great opportunity. Those who purchase this ICO may receive voting rights and the right to receive dividends from Bulleon’s operating income. To learn more about the ICO and the fine details, just visit the brand’s website today.

All of the relevant information is beneath the ICO tab.

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