With the current surge that is being experienced by the crypto industry, it is becoming increasingly harder to keep tabs on different currencies and what their market potential looks like. Thus, it can be of much use to have a platform that amalgamates, and presents users with a table of data that allows us to see the potential value of different crypto assets all over the internet.

What Is BullRun?

In its core essence, BullRun can be thought of as a webapp that allows us to “analyze and monitor social trends for CryptoCurrencies”. This tool is free for anyone to use, and can be quite effective when it comes to making some market trend predictions. Not only that, people who follow the the official Bullrun twitter feed, receive instant information regarding different cryptocurrencies and how they are doing monetarily.

Since this is a personal project that is free for everyone to use, it still has some technical issues that need to be ironed out. The creator has mentioned that this is the first version of this software and future releases will come with additional features. Constructive criticism is also welcome, and to suggest an improvement/give feedback, users can simply drop in a message to the developer of Bullrun.

Other Important Features

Tracks Nearly Every Cryptocurrency Possible

Not only can we stay abreast of the latest happenings in relation to BTC and ETH, BullRun also allows us to keep tabs on various other digital assets including XEM, LTC, BQX, TRX, XRP, OMG and many more.

Mobile Compatibility

The website can be used equally well on a computer or a smartphone.

Ranking System

This platform uses a ranking mechanism that takes into consideration the value of currencies within the past 3 days. So, if a currency has seen a major upswing in the recent past, it will be displayed high on the leaderboard.

Uses React Router

An upcoming version of Bullrun will make use of a technology called React Router. This service will allow our UI to sync seamlessly with the URL. In addition to this, it also features stuff like lazy code loading, dynamic route matching, and location transition handling.

How Do I Sign Up For BullRun?

There is no need to sign up. All interested users can simply visit the official Bullrun web page, and start tracking altcoin trends. If users like the service, they can choose to donate whatever small amount they like to one of the different wallet addresses given on the website.

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