BUMO Blockchain

What Is BUMO?

Bumo is a new digital blockchain technology network used to digitize virtual assets and also house the value of these assets as well. The main mission of the platform is to establish a new blockchain based network and ecosystem where there are a wide variety of different digital assets and public applications are also extremely common.

How BUMO Digital Asset Network For Ubiquitous Value Transfer Works

The BUMO digital network is open to all and run in an autonomous fashion. Users are allowed to add any device to the network. The purpose is to create a joint network that operates on easy maintenance, app development and value circulation with the purpose of creating authentic machine trust.

The platform uses a BCP consensus algorithm in order to ensure transactions throughout the platform can support scalability and security. And through the use of the cross-train protocol, users are guaranteed high levels of scalability is easy as ever. This is said to be due to the zero-knowledge proof that protects all virtual assets.

The system operates through the use of smart contracts. Digital property is circulated for free throughout the blockchain network. Any avenue whether institutions or individuals, can easily participate in the post circulation of digital properties. The change of using a socialized dissemination rather than a single control system is said to improve virtual property circulation.

Users can build their own contracts, use different DApps and make complex environments to easily improve their work and non-work environments. Tokens are used to fuel the network give a wide variety of different protocols for distribution. The provision of an asset certification agreement will make it easy for tokens to be used and reused or simply stored in the easy to use wallet, so that users can have total and complete control of their assets.

The platform easily connects digital assets smart devices and users. The purpose of Bumo is to be used across multiple industries through smart contract and a complete ecosystem of linked systems through which value can flow.

BUMO ICO Details

At this time, there is no indication of an ICO for Bumo. And no information has been released about one actually being released or put into place. You can keep up to date with the system at the company website bumo.io.

Who Is Behind BUMO?

Unfortunately, no one has released any information about the team behind the platform. It’s a Chinese based platform that may or may not be available in your country.

BUMO Blockchain Conclusion

Bumo mixes the internet of things technology which is used to support access of several different types of smart devices. There are low technology requirements, so the network can be used by many different people.

It operates with simple devices like phones, tablets and routers. And with the needed equipment being just a secondary requirement to manage digital assets, users can manage and realize a wide range of different transactions, contracts and services. While at the same time, applications can be used to create relationships between users and services directly. Learn more about the company, including all the technical specs at bumo.io.

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