Ethereum and other cryptocurrency platforms have made the creation process of a token very easy as guaranteed by smart contracts. Hundreds of new tokens and their utilization opportunity is emerging. With these assets coming up rapidly, it multiplies the demand of exchange platforms. As the number of coins have gone up over 1500, the number of exchanges have gone up over a 100.

For a trader who uses traditional financial tools, trading in this new realm of cryptocurrency and digital tokens can be complicated and confusing. Especially for a trader new to the cryptosphere this task can be daunting and discouraging.

Bundle Network Multi-Crypto Trading Exchange Solution

The Bundle Network is an online platform connected to various cryptocurrency exchanges. Through a single account and just a single click, users can purchase and sell multiple coins and tokens. It also serves as an online hangout for crypto enthusiasts to share and discuss topics related to digital asset trading.

They aim to provide support for the expanding and ever-adapting world of digital assets, easing the transaction process to trade quickly, safely and efficiently. They want to encourage users to enter the world of digital assets as easily and smoothly as possible, as they will appeal to traders who use conventional financial instruments and eliminate the risks of the current complicated system.

BUNDLE Can Be Expanded As Follows:

  • B-Buy: You can buy multiple currencies with only one click
  • U-Utilize: The tokens can be utilized to get exchange rates at best price
  • N-Navigate: Navigate through the community to keep up with the latest trends
  • D-Diversify: Diversify your portfolio by just using one account
  • L-Learn: Learn from the best traders in the industry
  • E-Ease: Ease the way your trade is done

Bundle Network BND Token ICO Details

Bundle Token(BND) is built as an EIP-23 token on the Ethereum blockchain. This utility token will have a total supply of 500 million units. Hard cap of the crowdsale is limited to 20,000 ETH and the soft cap is 1,000 ETH. 51% of the token supply will be used in token sale, 12% on the marketing and promotional activities, 17% will be utilized for day to day operational expenses and 20% will be given to the co-founders. All the unsold tokens will be burned. The token sale starts on June 1 2018 and ends on June 20 2018.

1 ETH will fetch you 7,500 BND and there are bonuses allocated on the amount of tokens purchased. 15 ETH of purchase gets a bonus rate of 25%, 10 ETH will fetch a bonus rate of 15%, 5 ETH has a bonus rate of 5% and any purchase under 5ETH does not have any bonus rate.

60% of the funds received during the token sale will be deposited on the exchange platform to provide instant transaction for platform users, 20% will be utilized for operations and development of the platform, 10% will be allocated for marketing and expansion plans, 5% for legal and security budget and 5% will be reserved for rewards within the community.

Bundle Network Conclusion

Currently, in order to buy the top 100 tokens by market cap, an investor would have to create an account on at least 10 different exchange platforms and transfer balances to each and every one. Additionally, to buy each of the coins, investors have to buy them individually and the whole process will take significant time. Bundle Network will solve these problems by its very design. Their team combines a passion for cryptocurrencies, industry expertise and proven record in finance, development and marketing.

Find out more about the Bundle Network, its community and BND tokens on their website

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