New tokens are regularly issued on the market and many of them have various purposes. One particular purpose that is not as widespread as others is a token for food aid programs.

Bunzola aims to fix this standard by releasing one of the first tokens on the market that will help promote food aid and that will enable users to benefit by gaining extra tokens based on minimum age. Bunzola’s pre-sale is now live and it ends July 1st. There are 150 bonus tokens available as well and the next round will take place right after the first.

What Is Bunzola?

The first statement that appears in Bunzola’s whitepaper is that it is “dedicated to helping people become free of hunger.” Those who donate to food aid programs are often concerned that the funds are not reaching the right sources. Bunzola corrects this problem by providing the first proof-of-stake smart contract tokens on the Ethereum platform. This type of process is poised to generate more donations due to the security and donation tracking involved.

The Bunzola Token (BUNZ) is founded upon the ERC20 Token Standards and it includes proof-of-stake functionality. This means that not only does the token enable users to help food aid programs, but it also enables them to gain additional tokens as well. To receive the additional tokens, it is necessary to hold the initial tokens for a minimum of three days.

Bunzola Fund Generation

To generate funds, Bunzola has adopted a practice that is dissimilar from other food aid programs. Here, Bunzola holds 11 percent of the token in a Food Aid Program ETH Wallet. Then, the platform will sell the interest each year, which will support ongoing Food Aid Programs.

Further, the platform plans on selling and Aquaponics System, installation and startup, training and ongoing support, each of which will be providing an ongoing source of income for the platform.

Bunzola’s Blockchain Food & Hunger Aid Program Goals

Bunzola has several goals, which it plans on meeting with the above methods concerning fund generation. Here are the platform’s goals so that investors are aware of the platform’s overarching direction:

  • Secure a proof-of-state token to raise initial funds from the token sale
  • Use the token to generate value over time for a more sustainable level of financial support for food aid programs
  • Create a team to educate and spread knowledge of Aquaponics by adopting a structured training course
  • Team with manufacturers to produce affordable aquaponics systems on a commercial level

These are just a few of the platform’s main goals. Those who believe in such actions may want to consider Bunzola as a prime investing solution. It should also be noted that there are three types of mining tools available: holding BUNZ for 3 days, mining BUNZ by either sending a transaction to one’s own address with any amount of BUNZ or using MyEtherWallet.com or Mist that can interact with a smart contract to execute mint() function, and finally, there are query tools that are available as well.

Bunzola BUNZ Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • ICO Dates: 1 Jun – 1 Dec 2018
  • Initial Suppy: 900,000,000 BUNZ
  • Minimum Token Age: 3 Days
  • Token Symbol: BUNZ
  • Max Supply: 9,000,000,000 BUNZ
  • Maximum Token Age: 90 Days
  • Token Decimals: 18
  • Token Standard: ERC20
  • Bunz Interest Rate: Yr 1 : 100%, Yr 2 : 50%, Yr 3 – 15 : 10%

Bunzola Summary

Overall, those who are interested in participating in the pre-token sale may want to visit the Bunzola website today. The sale will be available all month and thereafter, another will take place.

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