Burgerdock intends to disrupt the fast food industry and the world of crypto with the Burgerdock Token. The token, also called BDT, will be an asset-backed digital currency that has real-world benefits. With BDT as its digital currency, Burgerdock will be uniquely qualified to utilize the token in its restaurant chain to solve issues facing the fast food sector.

Burgerdock is an official company that is registered in the Netherlands with the CoC. This company is run by a competent team of executives, who have a lot of experience in the fast food sector, technology, and asset management.

In the years that it has been operating in the fast food sector, Burgerdock has become aware of various issues. Besides that, the experts at this company have also become aware of some issues with the digital currency. To solve the current issues, the developers of this project know they have to come up with an out of box solution. This is what has led the company to take forward-thinking steps to bring efficiency to the fast food sector.

About Burgerdock

Burgerdock’s menu is made up of biological halal burgers that are gluten-free. They also serve sandwiches, fries, coffee, and soft drinks. At Burgerdock, they prioritize on speed, convenience, and simplicity. All the products they sell are prepared daily and are made with fresh ingredients.

In 2017, Burgerdock managed to crowdfund money for a hamburger restaurant. They had an idea to start a burger joint that would sell organic, healthy, gluten-free hamburgers for vegetarians. With the funds they got, the company managed to open a pilot store in Apeldoorn, which is still working successfully to date.

The Store’s Success

The concept combines two ideas. At this store, customers are able to make their own burgers form various toppings. At the restaurant, there are more than 30 toppings and over 15 sauces. Thus, every customer can come in and customize their burger. The goal is to ensure that they can cater to all the individual needs of their customers.

This store has been successful and has shown that this idea has a future. This is a strong proof of concept for all who wish to take part in the ICO. The company intends to launch its asset-backed ICO soon.

The Token Sale Details

After the successful launch of the pilot restaurant, Burgerdock now wants to raise money via an ICO. They choose an ICO because it has emerged in recent times to be an efficient and quick way to raise cash for projects. The funds from the ICO will be used mainly for the creation and development of the concept. A small portion of the funds will go to marketing, business development, and the company. The rest of the money will be used to open ten fast food joints in Amsterdam.

To make their dream a reality, Burgerdock will offer 100,000 tokens for the ICO. These tokens will be worth 20,000 ETH. Thus, 1 ETH is worth 5 BDT. Every holder of the tokens will also get a share of the company. Each year, net profits from the stores will be paid to token holders.

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