Buron BURC ICO Review

Many of us might already be aware of the term cryptomining, but in recent months, there have been many issues that have come to the forefront in regards to this domain. For starters, many of the softwares that are used for mining activities are usually dodgy and come ridden with malware.

In addition to this, some of the good mining tools available in the market today do not collect or store important statistical data, thereby leading to performance issues when conducting A/B testing.

About the Buron Platform

In its most basic sense, Buron can be thought of as a “next generation crypto mining platform” that can not only be accessed remotely, but can also monitor GPU stats in real time. In terms of its technical features, we can see that Buron provides users with high quality analytical data on a wide array of “possible indicators”.

The core components of this system include:

(i) Mining Manager:

As the name suggests, this is the core software that governs all of the primary utilities which run private mining connections, perform log analysis etc within the system. It will be usable on Windows as well as Linux.

(ii) Cloud:

This component has been designed to accumulate and analyze complex data sets so as to provide users with tangible/ useful mining information.

(iii) Client App:

This is the primary software that is used by the customer for his/ her mining needs. It connects users with the cloud servers, and allows for the seamless management of all miners within the ecosystem.

(iv) Buron Box:

As per the official company whitepaper, this is the device that will be used for ASIC controlling + handling.

Other Key Aspects to Bear in Mind

(i) Linux support:

The Buron ecosystem will be made fully compatible with the Linux OS. In terms of its functionality, Linux has been proven time and again to be much more safe and efficient that other operating systems in the market today.

(ii) Multi-currency wallet:

The company will be providing its customers with a multi-currency wallet that will be able to store keys and tokens in a completely safe manner. It will make use of private encryption modules, that will not only enhance overall safety, but will also allow for seamless currency trade.

(iii) P2P Exchange:

The platform will be completely decentralised and will make use of a “Peer-to-Peer” structure. In addition to this, all internal transactions will be maintained via the use of smart contracts.

Buron BURC ICO Token Details

Buron will be using a currency called BURC to govern all of its internal transactions. It will be an ERC20 token, and will be based entirely within the Ethereum blockchain. As per the company’s whitepaper, the price of a single token will be flexible, but will not wane below 0.000177 ETH.

In all, there will be a total of 82,500,000 BURC tokens that will be issued. The distribution of these tokens will be done as follows:

  • 72% of the entire currency pool will released to general investors via the use of an ICO crowdsale.
  • 19% of all tokens will be reserved and set aside for use by the core development team behind this venture.
  • 5.3% will be reserved for the Buron corporation itself.
  • 0.7% will be reserved for seed investors.
  • The remaining 3% will be used for the creation of a bounty program.

It is also important to note that “no additional tokens will be issued at any point during or after the sale.” Also, if users wish to purchase native tokens after the conclusion of the ICO, they may do so from various online exchanges selling the currency.

Who is Behind Buron BURC?

Buron is the brainchild of Denis Shuleykin. He has been in the digital domain for quite a few years now, and is also the person responsible for the development of the “first commercial digital address-telephone directory” that was released all the way back in 2005.

In terms of his previous work experience, Denis has been working with a wide array of crypto based companies based within Russia and the United States since 2012. Similarly, Vladimir Dziov is the company’s back-end developer. He possesses 5 years of continuous, extensive experience in “developing back-end applications” for a company called Ruby on Rails.

Lastly, Pavel Tigiev is the co- founder and product director of Buron. He too has been in the digital domain for nearly a decade now, and for the past six years, has been working as a dev for various it-projects.

For any further details regarding this platform, users can get in touch with company representatives via email, or via one of their many social media outlets.

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