With the introduction of social media and mobile apps, international travellers are now able to quite easily search for a plethora of information related to things like accommodation, travel details, entertainment avenues etc. However, when it comes time to pay, there still exist many issues within the current financial setup used by many service providers.

What Is BusinessCoin?

Business Coin is an all new blockchain based decentralized platform that applies a P2P business model within a variety of domains such as hospitality services, e-commerce and real estate.

How BusinessCoin Blockchain Applications Works

Business Coin (BNC) when looked at in its most basic form, is designed to make the booking and payment process for flights, hotels easier and more convenient. Additionally, it makes use of a web interface that is not only user friendly, but can also help reduce financial burdens (forex fees, transaction charges) that are usually faced by frequent travelers.

BusinessCoin Key Aspects

Some of the key aspects of this platform include:

Enables Crypto Use:

BNC has been created to serve as a payment portal that promotes cryptocurrency use in a highly streamlined manner..

Multi Faceted Usage:

This platform can be used for making a wide array of online payments including hotel/ travel ticket reservations, cab fares etc.


Another overlooked aspect of BNC is its open source coding. This basically means that the API for this platform can be used by independent developers for the creation of their own product.


All BNC subscribers are provided with a high quality digital wallet. It makes use of private keys and and allows for one's currency holdings to remain confidential and private at all times.

Fast And Efficient:

As with all high quality payment services, BNC allows for instant money transfers without the use of any intermediary parties.

Native Evaluating System:

Through the use of such a protocol, users are able to avoid losing time on searching and evaluating various items of interest on the internet. To be more specific, we can see that the platform makes use of AI technology, that incorporates an array of goods and services which are then automatically evaluated in terms of their quality and trust levels.

Ratings And Rewards:

Another overlooked aspect of BNC is that it employs a rating system that helps makes the system more efficient, as well as rewards customers for their participation.

BusinessCoin BNC ICO Details

All internal transactions will be carried out via the use of native BNC coins. As per the whitepaper, the ICO is scheduled to commence on the 20th of March and finish on the 3rd of May.

It should also be noted that each investor can maximally purchase 20,000 coins per order and 10 orders per day.

Distribution of Tokens

  • 20% of the coins will be sold during the ICO
  • 25% will be used for further investment purposes
  • 30% will be used to leverage more power for the core network.
  • The remaining tokens will be split between system admins and early advisors.

For any other queries, clarifications, users can connect with Business Coin devs via email.

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