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Button Wallet: Crypto Wallet With Exchange Inside Telegram?

What Is Button Wallet?

BUTTON Wallet is a multi virtual currency wallet that operates on Telegram. But why Telegram? Telegram is the only platform across the world that embraces crypto and blockchain industry. BUTTON is designed to build a convenient instrument for cryptocurrency asset management as well as personal digital finance.

The alpha version of BUTTON was complete within five months. Since that time, the platform attracted more than six thousand users. This was made possible by the viral-driven marketing strategy and high conversion rates because they remain in Telegram with their users. Out of more than six thousand clients, 90 percent were attracted by the platform’s viral referral program. BUTTON pegs its strategy on Agile development, which means that they test and pilot many hypotheses and projects and the results advise on the next course of action.

Button Wallet Goals

The first goal of BUTTON is to hit their target of 100,000 users in their wallet on Telegram by end of December 2018. Besides, the team at BUTTON is young and dynamic, comprising four Microsoft Student Partners. They have won three blockchain hackathons from Microsoft Imagine Cup, Waves, and IBM. They have also won two startup competitions from Santa Capital and Startup Network. BUTTON belongs to the residents at MIT Play Labs accelerator. As such, they are seeking seed money of about $500,000 so they can attract nearly 200,000 users.

BUTTON Wallet seeks to offer a safe, convenient, and user-friendly option for storing money on Telegram. Recently, BUTTON came up with LightySig, which is a Swiss knife or a single library that works with several blockchains. This gives developers more opportunity for dApp creation.

BUTTON Wallet has included Ethereum Classic in their library with the belief that the ETC developer community will significantly benefit from this integration. The developers will be more likely to include Ethereum Classic into their products.

Button Wallet Is A Decentralized Platform

Popularly referred to as the “cryptocurrency silicon valley,” BUTTON Wallet is a decentralized and non-custodial solution that is embedded on the popular messaging app. All its private keys reside in the user’s unique QR codes, which are protected by personal passwords. The BUTTON team comprises 10 blockchain professionals, enthusiasts, and developers with diversified experience in the industry.

Button Wallet Conclusion

As a startup program connected to ETC Labs program, Button currently works on their office in San Francisco. The pilot program will create the opportunity for the development of the ETC Labs incubation program, which is scheduled to take place between January and April 2019. ETC Labs is committed to growing the ETC community empowering the startups in the ETC domain to implement their ideas through direct investments and by creating a link between them and investors and supporters.

Besides, ETC Lab has a unique approach to build projects and harness the knowledge of industry leaders. This will ensure that the project stays focused to its objectives and remain competitive in the market.



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