Buy The Dip Crypto Comedy Film

The popularity of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are seeping into the entertainment industry with comic books, rap songs and TV shows about it becoming fashionable. Now there is a new movie in town.

“Buy the Dip is a satirical film based around cryptocurrency which serves as a television pilot for a series of short comedies and sketches ​on current trends and technology. A shorter way of putting it would be a funny(but equally cynical) version of Black Mirror” said director and actor Sam Lucas Smith.

Earlier, in an episode of CBS’s Big Bang Theory, they featured an episode on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency, which was everything wrong with the mainstream media’s perception of the cryptosphere. Even John Oliver who is generally informative and funny sounded like a hack when covering cryptocurrencies. ‘Buy The Dip’ has a more nuanced take on the subject with some witty and instantly quotable dialogues.

The quality of the trailer seems to be very high, however, their budget is pretty low. Everyone worked at a low rate as they liked the script. Even the Lamborghini was borrowed by the production crew for free.

On the question for a vision of a potential TV show, Sam commented,” I see a series of short satirical films and sketches, with cryptocurrency as a recurring theme, but also exploring other ideas in the tech space. Consumerism is something that interests me, for example, our growing reliance on automated assistants like Alexa and Siri. I’ll give nothing away, but I think there’s some brilliant untouched scope for comedy to be found there.”

Currently, a composer is working on a soundscape after which a final audio mix, color grade, and small VFX sequence must be added. The finished movie will be available to watch online Vard Productions’ YouTube channel.

You can watch the trailer for the movie here: .

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