As many of us may know, websites like Craigslist, Gumtree have become extremely popular within countries like Australia, United States, UK in the past decade or so. Statistically speaking, the total global market for classified websites currently stands at over $18 billion.

However with that being said, in recent years, there has been a surge in issues related to fraud, incorrect information delivery and reduced market confidence in this market domain.


Buy&Sell can be thought of as the world's first “online classified website” that makes use of the blockchain to help facilitate the exchange of goods in a transparent/ safe manner. It allows for “private and business ads” to be published on its platform, and through the use of a native currency, allows for them to be bought and sold quite easily.

What Problems Does This Platform Address?


As mentioned earlier, in recent years the “classified ads market” has been hit by a large number of fraudulent miscreants. According to investigative agencies based within the US, over 57% of all ads that are posted on Craigslist are “quick cash grab schemes”. Thus, thought the use of Buy&Sell, users can be sure that all of the ads that are posted on the platform are verified and safe.


Another major issue with the classified market these days is the use of false information to lure in susceptible customers. For example, many advertisers sell faulty digital devices (mobile phones, laptops etc) claiming that they are fully functional, when in reality they have several performance issues. Hence, when using Buy&Sell, users will be able to track purchased products, and thus if there is any problem that comes up, the seller can be immediately traced and notified about the issue.

Poor Market Confidence:

One of the core problems that plagues the classified ad market these days is that of “poor buyer confidence”. Thus to alleviate such an issue, this platform makes use of “smart contracts” that are designed within the Ethereum blockchain. Through the use of such contracts, if a person is provided with fake goods, a counter transaction can be performed, and the money can be returned safely into the hands of the buyer.

Other Key Aspects To Consider

  • Good+Free Publicity: through the use of Buy&Sell, users have the ability freely publicise their goods at extremely low service costs.
  • No Middlemen: a key benefit of this platform is its ability to cut out the need for any intermediaries. As a result of this, each interaction can take place directly between the buyer and seller.
  • Time Saving: owing to the fact that this service is based entirely within the blockchain, it is able to help execute all transactions instantly (thereby saving both of the involved parties a lot of time and effort).
  • Reduced Costs: Buy&Sell has the ability to help in the “minimization of operational costs” for businesses by allowing them to hire the right people in a quick, streamlined manner.
  • Procurement of goods and services: as mentioned earlier, this platform makes the buying and selling of goods extremely easy and simple.

BUY&SELL BAS ICO Token Details

To raise funds for the completion of the Buy&Sell platform, the founders of the company will be launching an ICO in the near future. In all, there will be a total of 120,000,000 tokens that will be created.

In terms of the distribution of these tokens, we can see that

  • 20% of the entire currency pool will be used/ reserved for the founders of the company
  • 75% of all tokens will be made available for purchase to investors via the Pre Sale and Primary ICO.
  • The remaining 5% will be used of the creation of a bounty.

Pre ICO: this sale will run for a month, and will follow a “round based” sale model. The cost of tokens during this period will be maintained at $0.1 per coin.

ICO: this is the main sale period during which a bulk of the tokens will be made available. It will run for a duration of 1 month (after the conclusion of the pre sale). The price per token during this period will also be maintained at $0.1.

For further details regarding this service, users can get in touch with core company members either via email, or through one of their listed social media accounts.

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