About BuyUcoin

BuyUcoin has completely revolutionized the cryptocurrency landscape in India. The company has created a secure and trusted platform that enables users to trade, store, use, and accept major cyptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Etheruem, and Bitcoin cash, among many others. Since this platform was launched, it has quickly grown to become one the most reputable cryptocurrency platforms in India.

This is because the company is committed to ensuring that it creates a platform where all its members can trade safely and conveniently. Currently BuyUcoin have over 15,000 users who trade on the highly efficient and secure platform that they have created. The company has always strived to ensure that they deliver quality as per their mission to put cryptocurrency in a million pockets.

Why Choose BuyUcoin

It Is Very Easy To Join

Unlike other cryptocurrency platforms that compel their members to sign many forms before they are allowed to join, BuyUcoin has made it simple and easy for users to join. All that you need to do is to register, a process that will take less than 2 minutes, then transfer funds to your account with just a few clicks and then you will be free to trade or shop on the platform 24/7.

They Don’t Charge Any Fees

You will not be charged even a single cent in order to trade on this platform, as is usually the case with other platforms. This means that you are free to trade as you wish without worrying that your hard earned money will be snatched away from you by all of the fees.

The Platform Is Fully Secure

BuyUcoin is fully committed to ensuring that the investments of all their members are well protected. They have put very strict measures in place to ensure that the privacy of all their members is 100% secure. They have also adopted strong encryption features to ensure that all transactions done by members are protected from fraudsters. You are free to shop or trade without worrying about the security of your money.

They Offer The Best User Support

The company has put in place a team of experts who are always on standby and ready to give professional assistance to those who need help. They usually respond to questions asked by members in real time to ensure that all members are comfortable. If you have any issue that you want addressed, you can be sure that their team of experts will give you a satisfactory answer in real time.

Fast Withdrawals

BuyUcoin has given all its members the power to control their hard earned money. That is why they have created an efficient platform that allows all members to withdraw money at lightning speed. All that you need to do to have your money is to click a button. There are no third parties, no fess, and you will have full control.

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Coin Market Cap Price Change 24 Hour Volume
BTC $139.55B $7,876.0138 3.18% $6.07B
ETH $26.28B $247.4585 3.62% $2.89B
XRP $16.04B $0.3808 3.20% $482.13M
BCH $7.25B $407.5603 6.05% $532.34M
LTC $5.84B $94.3677 7.86% $717.98M
EOS $5.69B $6.2295 6.10% $709.96M
BNB $4.7B $33.2839 4.68% $313.74M
USDT $2.98B $1.0035 0.00% $5.95B
XLM $2.41B $0.1249 3.64% $60.53M
ADA $2.09B $0.0808 7.16% $72.18M

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  1. Well It has been 5 days since I deposited Rs.5000 (duly debited from my account) and waiting for it to reflect in my wallet. I had been trying to call the number provided in the website and it doesn’t exist!!! I had written mails and not much of a response other than my request is in ‘Pending” status. If this is not being a scam then what else. Get this checked ASAP or I am going to make a post about this in every forum discussing coins and make it point that nobody else gets scammed like me.

  2. Avoid this exchange.

    These are cheating newbies.

    There is no block chain in their work process. It works on an old school back end manual data entry job. The exchange cheats in several ways. 1. The buy-sell spread is huge and way above market price (20%) premium. The exchange makes money on this. 2. Your withdrawals are with held or wrong withdrawal followed by several head banging exchanges with their under trained employees. Such has been my experience.

    I wanted to withdraw my OMG tokens. This is what I got.

    The txn id do not match my withdrawal request of 5415 OMG tokens.

    TX id – 0x9da7f2db15c99c5f2cbf19134842f7d37383500cff80bce70b10534b5153d998 (as per Buyucoin website). The Tx id can easily be verified on Etherscan.

    I did not receive any OMG tokens in my wallet. They closed my case without any action or checks. I am attaching the TX id from internet. Its almost 50k INR.

  3. Its a SCAM exchange … recently lost a hefty SUM… they dont allow you to WITHDRAW your amount..try it from your side….and verify…. and enjoy losing money

  4. I earned lot from BuyUcoin platform , excellent website to buy and sell cryptocurrency – I invested 50k in litecoin and now sold it successfully for 147k and got it into my bank account through their instant transfer option.

  5. Its a total scam . I withdrawn Rs 11000 from my buyucoin account . They says its success , but money did not get credited into my bank account.
    They are not responding to support tickets , phone calls .
    Total scam .

  6. To test, I initially deposited small amount, bought bitcoin, sold it after 10% gain, placed a withdrawal request for funds. Withdrawal request placed on Jan 29 was processed on FEB 3. Had raised a ticket but received no response. I guess team was busy clearing backlog. However, the second withdrawal request placed on FEB 13 was processed on the same day. So it is a bit inconsistent. But since I was able to withdraw successfully, it gives me confidence in buyUcoin. Thanks to the team for sorting it.

  7. This is the first India’s multi crypto exchange with INR. I’m also a user of Buyucoin. Already earned more profit by investing in dentacoin and I’ve also some Ripples that buying in very short rates.i suggest buyucoin is best platform to treading in crypto currency

  8. well, their rates are unbelievable though service is quite alright. Today dentacoin on other exchanges is 0.028 in INR but buyucoin exchange show as 0.90 for buying. which is a huge difference.

  9. Buyucoin giving so good rates for buying the bitcoin. we shouldn’t lose this opportunity. the best place for trading in INR with multicryptos…..


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