The new platform is a cryptocurrency company designed for authors from all over the world. Buz.OVA is a token-based platform claiming to be one of the first media resource companies running on blockchain technology. They offer a wide range or media geared to be the most useful to active users. BUZ Media and OVA is a platform giving new powers of communication between authors as well as fans.

What Is BUZ.OVA?

The purpose of the platform is to be used for the empowerment of creative people. Creative types from all over the world now understand it’s next to impossible for their copyrights to always be protected without the protection of legal systems. Courts don’t even have the power to fully protect you in ever instance, many times actually effecting the desired result in a negative way. Legal services cost too much, take too long or are downright unavoidable. When a person breaks the law in another country, the illusion of protection completely dissolves.

The platforms BUZ media as well as OVA Center platforms operate through, bring authors together on a global scale – thereby guaranteeing rewards, as well copyrighting the economics of an individual. The projected mission is to now introduce different standards emphasizing the importance of protecting a businesses finances. Intellectual property is also important to protect as well, because it can be just as valuable as any other piece of information or value-based currency.

The coin release brings in a decentralized network, perfect for execution variants with multiple, double blockchain technologies that are guaranteed to provide full strength encryption from hackers and individuals attempting to commit fraud. The token used for the platform will also be used in conjunction with other coupons, to create partnerships for the cryptocurrency environments.

Anyone creating their own copyrighted content, can use the platform to protect their copyrighted material during periods of validation. The Author additionally is rewarded the power of his own copyright. And gets to register on the system, that provides a reliable two step verification system. And this doesn’t only confirm authorship, but also a person’s registration. The BUZ.OVA coin is a multimedia system and software providing a powerful solution. It will solve the issue commonly happening with payments for the creators of the various organization’s patrons using the platform.

Buzz.OVA In Conclusion

The platform is a powerful marketplace linked to a communication system operating P2P. The community involved with the system is there to help improve copyright protection, so the users who have resources on the platform can stay protected from the numerous attempts people make to steal intellectual property to further their own profits. Learn more about the platform on Buzovacoin.io if you’re interested in using the platform.


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