BUZCOIN Review: The crypto From One Of Russia’s Mega Female Stars

In a somewhat bold move, Russian mega-celebrity Olga Buzova is set to launch her won cryptocurrency as a means to get on board the mainly male-dominated crypto blockchain industry. Under her Buzcoin platform, the media personality hopes to put a challenge to male businessmen with interest in cryptocurrency online platforms. Hopes with her venture, Olga Buzova hops to provide a new level of contact, and trading between individuals with extensive functionality.

What Is Buzar?

Buzar is a blockchain-based platform that will allow internet users to find and use the most of the Buzcoin network. Similarly, to the oriental bazaars, Buzar will combine simple functionalities to enable global users to benefit from a marketplace and communication service mutually. To sum it up, the Buzar platform provides a new level of connectivity for the users to search for anything or anyone unusual.

Buzcoin Features

Global Marketplace-

The Buzar market is the core concept of the platform and will allow users to purchase or exchange products and services fundamentally. Eventually, Buzar hopes to provide a similar idea to ancient bazaars by enabling the exchange of produce and information

P2P Communication-

In line with Buzar's goal of a new social site, the platform provides for contact options for users to find new, and old acquaintances or relatives.

How Buzcoin Russia's Olga Buzova Cryptocurrency Works

Buzar asks itself as a user-friendly product to provide potentially unique products for communication and trading option for users. The platform's multifunctional service will have users purchase the Buzcoin token under the transparent interface. With the native currency as the basis of the network, holders will get to communicate with people and probably build new relations with other participants. Additionally, the utility token will go into use to facilitate the transactions between traders on the Buzcoin platform.

Is Buzcoin Beneficial In Any Way?

  • Decentralization– the use of blockchain is Buzar most significant gain, as the marketplace works with no intermediary under a distributed platform.
  • Mutual beneficial co-operation for the users looking for new and old friends, or acquaintances and potentially gains new relationships
  • A universal marketplace will allow for trading beyond borders and form new business partners and associates from around the world
  • Voting rights for Buzcoin token holders, who get to choose new features and add-ons to introduce to the platform.
  • Convenience for Buzar users as they get to communicate and trade seamlessly without downtime thanks to the blockchain technology.

Buzcoin BUZ Token ICO Details

  • Pre-ICO sale- 18th April 2018 till 18 May 2018.
  • ICO sale- 18 June till 16 September 2018

Token Distribution

  • Team- 13%
  • Bounty- 2%
  • Marketing reserve and options- 10%
  • ICO sale- 75%

Token Details

  • Symbol- BUZ
  • Platform- Ethereum (ERC20)
  • Accepts- ETH, BTC, XRP, LTC, DASH
  • Hard cap- 210 million USD
  • Pricing- 1 BUZ= $0.07
  • Minimum purchase- $10
  • Bonus rate- 30

Does Buzcoin Have Potential?

There is plenty of hype surrounding the Buzar ICO, and this is understandable since the project receives backing from a renowned celebrity. While there is much evidence of success in everything that Olga Buzova does, it is hard to ascertain that Buzar could have the same Midas touch on the blockchain community. Despite all the show, Buzar looks less feasible since it lacks a solid concept or working product. However, only time will tell if it indeed turns out to become successful.

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