The capabilities of the blockchain technology are going far beyond what most of us could imagine. As of now, the blockchain technology is on course to revolutionize our video sharing networks by coming up with its social networks where users get to share, exchange and view videos.

What Is BuzzShow?

BuzzShow is among the first social video network on the blockchain with plans to provide a sharing platform for content creators, viewers, and curators. The platform is set to use its crypto token Goldie (GLDY) to offer incentives for content sharing, creation, and viewing of the videos. On the side, the platform will also provide ad space for advertisers at a fee. Moreover, BuzzShow will partner with the storage company filecoin for content storage on their cloud storage services.

What Makes BuzzShow Social Media Video Network Rewards Unique?

Three features make BuzzShow a standout platform from other blockchain ventures. First off, the token is an ERC20 model, and this is essential in securing and rewarding micropayments that occur on the platform. The use of smart contracts in this feature also facilitates incentives to all the users contributing content on BuzzShow's ecosystem.

Additionally, the use of an EOS.IO software proves useful whenever developers want to manage the databases, check on permissions, authentication, or the inter-application communication. In the end, the use of the decentralized applications becomes an easy task not only for the developers but also the content creators.

There is also a stand out feature in the form of filecoin. That is a decentralized cloud storage network that runs on the blockchain. With the network users scan lease or rent storage space to other users and consequently earn the protocol token. The Filecoin platform uses a peer-to-peer protocol index and saves files with a unique cryptographic hash code. That allows for the user to find his records faster and more efficiently even in pile of high volumes o data. In response, filecoin helps keep the BuzzShow platform flowing with data safely and securely.

Should You Invest In BuzzShow GLDY ICO?

Although the project is one of its kind, there are some pointers to what most investors would mainly rank as a failure or scam. A first sign is the promises the platform makes just to attract investors. For a somewhat ambitious project, BuzzShow indicates little information on how it intends to support the claims it's making. For starters, this indicates a definite red flag.

The ICO's whitepaper is also shallow on crucial information. Much of it is covered with images of how the platform will look like when in full operation. That shows the amount of effort the founders are willing to put regarding the development of the project. Also, it is more like a crypto project for the sake of crypto, rather than a feasible plan with positive gains in the long run.

BuzzShow Conclusion

To most, the uniqueness of the BuzzShow project would give the wrong impression of a feasible idea. However, this is further from the truth. Most of the unique or outstanding projects start out with so much hype only to end up folding up once faced with an unexpected problem. Such a scenario would play out with BuzzShow considering their poor start on the matter of the roadmap. As such I would conclude by offering sound advice not to take chances with projects like BuzzShow.


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