What is BWEX?

BWEX or Bitwin exchange is a crypto exchange whose headquarters are in Hong Kong. It is set to officially launch in June this year after it successfully pre-launched in December 2017.

Its objective is to prioritize user satisfaction and to be the ideal choice for anyone wishing to trade in cryptocurrencies. It brings into the exchange platform new features including low fees for the users, allowing millions of transaction per second, tighter security, and privacy, user-friendly interface among other features. Below is a detailed review of the site.


BWEX is set to provide the lowest transaction cost in the exchange industry as its costs are estimated to be four times lower than other notable exchanges. The cost per transaction will be 0.1% for each of the transaction done. This is in line with their goal of prioritizing the satisfaction of the user.


The site is simple and easy to navigate. The creators promised to provide constant updates and continuously design the platform to ensure the best trading experience. The site can be accessed via desktops, tablets, and smartphones. After its launch, the site will support trading for ETH, BTC, BTG, LTC, and BTG while other products will be added later. The site will also launch in ten languages opening the platform for users from all over the globe.


BWEX is made with privacy and security as its foundation. It has the best encryption, 2-FA, transportation security among other features. The features ensure that the site server and network is safe. The funds from the users will mainly be stored in cold storage making it hard for hackers to access these funds.


A unique feature of the site is that it will be able to receive numerous transactions for every second. Unlike most exchanges that allow only 100,000 transactions for every second, the site will be able to receive more than a million transactions for each second. The platform also allows traders to create trade markets limit, block and stop orders.

The technology behind it enables the users to trade with minimal lag and maximum speed. The API only needs one to be connected to the trading engine using the FIX, WebSocket or REST for an opportunity to trade.

BWEX Customer Service

There are easy to understand guides on the site that encourage the user to try out the features of the site. The customer service team is also ready to help. The help center can be accessed in different languages.

BWEX is an exchange that is set to revolutionize the exchange industry by prioritizing the satisfaction of the customer. The features of the site and the low transaction costs are an incentive for many customers to try out the exchange once it is launched.

The platform targets to reach $500 million in its trading volume in the first 12 months after its launch. This is not an impossible fate for the exchange considering its main priority is to please its customers.

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  1. BWEX ICO appears to be a SCAM.

    I have had no reply to my correspondences, which appear to be continually ignored.

    It appears that they have now removed my account.

    Avoid these scamming f*ckers at all costs and save your money.

    BWEX….eat shit and die.

  2. I can’t believe it’s called Cryptocurrency or COIN. because none of the cryptocurrency officials dare to be responsible for the financial security of customers.

    The easy way to become a rich person in the world without working hard is impossible for me. more comfortable your money is deposited into the bank or property investment.


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