In a news release from official Binance website, the popular cryptocurrency exchange announced the following trading pairs would be available starting today:

  • BCN / BNB
  • BCN / BTC
  • BCN / ETH

Binance indicated the trading was effective immediately. As it stands today, Bytecoin has many interesting projects going on and is valued at $.008491 with a market cap of $1.5 billion.

In the past, once new coins got included in the Binance exchange, prices spiked but then seem to level out in due time.

Keep an eye out for Bytecoin, the BCN coin is spreading which means more activity and combined with what the coin's purpose is – this could be a diamond in the rough brewing in the background waiting to explode.

As always, cryptocurrency investing is risky business. It can have high volatility and should be done cautiously.


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