About Bytether

Bytether is an ERC -20 token that provides you with a road map to BTH after the cross fork 494,784 happens come mid-November. As a bit coin holder, you will have equal access to BTH at a ratio of 1:1 to your bitcoins. The exciting thing is there’s no crowdfunding taking place. With their supply fixed at 21,000,000 BTH, Bytether has received a lot of interest as the cross fork approaches.

There are three smart contracts that you need to familiarize yourself with before engaging Bytether. The main contract being the Bytether OV Smart Contract that users interact with to register and verify ownership of the bitcoin address. There’s also the Bytether Token smart contract and Bytether CrossFork smart contract that complement the OV smart contract regarding verification.

Access to Bytether’s BTH

To prepare for the BTH, you will need the following three essential things:

1. A Bitcoin wallet – To verify your bitcoin address, you don’t need any BTC balance. However, at the time of cross fork block 494,784, you will need some bitcoin in order to claim the BTH token.

2. An Ethereum wallet – Since BTH is an ERC-20 token, it runs on the Ethereum platform. It’s worth noting that any Ethereum wallet can hold validly as a BTH wallet. It’s therefore essential to keep your wallet ready to claim BTH.

3. Some Ether – To do the cross-fork, Bytether uses Ethereum smart contracts. For this reason, you will need to have a little Ether say less than 0.01 Ether/ $3 in your wallet to enable you to interact with the smart contracts.

Bytether’s Road Map

In early November 2017, the verification process will be open and detailed instructions are available on how to smoothly carry out the task. Come mid-November, cross fork 494,784 happens, and you can claim your BTH in an equal ratio to your BTC.

Come February 2018, BTH is open to the public and users that promote BTH will receive some tokens.

In March 2018, BTH Pay Plugin comes into play that allows merchants to integrate payment using BTH into their platforms. Bytether is optimistic that come September 2018; a BTH debit card will be in place to facilitate online transactions.

Why Do You Need Bytether?

Bytether offers a cryptocurrency that leverages between the best attributes of Bitcoin and Ethereum. BTH payment is incredibly fast and the token holder incurs much less cost compared to Bitcoin. Better yet, come March 2018, investors can use BTH cards to carry out online transactions.

You may be wondering whether you need to be a Bitcoin holder to access BTH? This token is open to both Bitcoin holders and non-holders. Through their referral program, you can own some token for free as stipulated in their user growth pool. Looking at it, Bytether is out to create value for the Bitcoin community and promote the Ethereum Blockchain technology while at it. Only time will tell whether BTH will rise to be the most popular virtual currency in the world.

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