C3C is a new blockchain platform that was created with the goal of connecting creators, the consumers and the advertises. The C3C is a new Ethereum-based token that will later be converted into its own blockchain. The main use of this token is to create a connection that all of the involved in the creative industry can benefit from.

The tokens will be used to reward creators, that will be paid for their content getting direct rewards from the users and will also be able to earn from advertisers by using this new platform. C3C seems to be concerned about protecting the personal data of the company users and to help everybody to reach their target audience.

The key word of the C3C ecosystem is mutual help. In this ecosystem, the actors with mutually benefit from each other by using the system that was designed by the company.

The C3C Token Sale

This company has decided for a token sale as a way to generate revenues that will be used on the construction of the platform. By investing in C3C tokens, you will be able to buy a total of 1,000 C3C tokens for 1 ETH.

There will be some discounts, though. If you buy the tokens until June 30, you will be able to get 1350 C3C tokens with 1 ETH, while this same amount of ETH will get 1250 C3C tokens if you buy them during July or 1150 C3C tokens if you decide to buy from August 1 to September 15. The hard cap of the sale is 15 million USD and the soft cap is 1 million USD.

If you decide to spend more than $50,000 USD at any phase of the sale, you will be able to trade directly with the company and may be eligible for special rates and promotions.

C3C has also announced that it would airdrop C3C tokens as part of a community promotion to ensure that the community was engaged with the company during the sales. A total of more than 15,000 airdrops have been made so far for the members of the Telegram community.

The registration will close when the maximum number of participants is reached. You will get a total of 30 C3C tokens for your participation in the airdrops.

A total of 60% of the C3C tokens will go to investors, 20% to advisors and early investors, 10% to the founding team and 10% via airdrops. From the money gathered at the sale, 30% will go to research and development, 30% to operations and marketing, 20% to the community and ecosystem management, 10% for legal and 10% for other costs.

The blockchain and the wallet of this company will both be 100% ready in April 2019, so the investors will have to wait some time before they can actually reap the rewards of the investment. An integration with more than 100 new partners is scheduled for the end of 2019.

The C3C Team

The team that has created this new platform is made of personnel from the CryptoCoin.News company. They are Rafael Vieira (Co-founder and COO), Tobias Ratschiller (Co-Founder and CEO), Simon Cocking (Co-founder and Editor in Chief of CryptoCoin.News).

Other important members are Tom Bell (News Anchor), Maria Vovchok (News Anchor), Hellen Moss (News Anchor),Kostya S. (Director), Anton R. (Video Editor), and Sergey K. (Illustrator).

The C3C Verdict

This looks like it has the potential to become an interesting platform for the people who are looking at new ways of getting money for their content or to advertise. Unfortunately, there are dozens of these platforms, so we have to say that there is a certain risk involved in backing another one of the companies, as many of them are quite similar in the end.

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