Caasiope is a network that works like a cryptocurrency as a service platform. Its main usefulness is basically to be a platform on top of each you can build other platforms or services and to bring interoperability between different blockchains.

This project is being led by Guillaume Bonnot, which have worked as BTCC Exchange Chief Engineer. He has put an experienced team together that is making this blockchain a reality.

How Does Caasiope Work?

The main problem that the Caasiope network is trying to solve is scalability. The creators of the company state that many blockchains were not designed to be mainstream so they face scalability issues today.

To achieve the revolution that it would be for people to really use this technology, this company has decided to create a blockchain that works using a “2 layer” network. This way the final product would be better and more prepared to deal with large scalability issues.

caasiope homepage

Caasiope Updates

At the moment there is still no White Paper and not a proper product utilizing the Caasiope network. The first product made on top of the network will be a multi-currency wallet that will be launched in 2018 or 2019.

During the year the company will also launch a test network in which the users will be able to visualize better how everything will work and there is a possibility of an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) too.

The Caasiope Conclusion

It is definitely too early to say a lot about this company. It only has a small page online and there is not even a proper White Paper to analyze it better. Because of it, our best advice would be for you to wait some more time and read the updates of the company so you can make an informed decision about whether to invest or not in the Caasiope network.

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