What Is Caerus Connections?

Caerus Connections is a new blockchain based ecosystem that seeks to improve the hiring process. It aims at solving major problems faced by companies in the recruitment process such as inefficiency and costliness. It also aims as solving the problems that job seekers face in the job search process such as time-consuming procedures, and hiring based on an individual’s network and not merits.

The platform aims at providing an efficient, simpler, and verified experience during the recruitment process for both the jobseekers and hiring company by eliminating the intermediaries that might be involved in the process.

The platform will provide companies with a wide database where they can search for candidates. It will also allow candidates to display their qualifications, skills, and desires.

How Caerus Connections Blockchain Job Hiring Works

The platform has a Career Driver Compass which is used to rank a candidates job motivators using workplace motivators such as desire for structure and innovation and creativity which will be used by both job seekers and companies to find a perfect match for a certain open position this will result in time and cost saving. Information collected from the Career Driver Compass will be securely stored in the blockchain in an anonymous way. However, users can decide to share the information with third parties.

The platform utilizes smart contracts whose role is the execution of functions requested by users and in the definition of user roles in automated transactions.

Caerus Connections Benefits

Better Career Matches

Through the assessment done during the hiring process getting, the best match for a position is guaranteed. The platform also ensures that the job seekers provide a profile that is more detailed that the traditional resumes therefore making it easy for hiring companies to spot qualified individuals.

Comprehensive Portfolios

The platform allows job seekers to display all their data in one secure place, which will be beneficial to the hiring company as the search for the ideal candidate will be fast, relevant, and less costly.

Blockchain Technology

With blockchain technology, confidentiality is guaranteed for the candidate and the company. The technology also decentralizes the recruitment processes, previously controlled by some career sites, which leads to better results. The technology also allows the storage, collection, and usage of large volumes of data.


It promotes transparency during the recruitment process, as candidates can easily monitor the status of their application and be able to know if the recruiting company has viewed it.

Caerus Connections CAER Token ICO Details

The pre-TGE phase will include the sale of 13 million CAER Tokens and begin on January
8th and run until June 29th. The cost of tokens during this period will be sold at a sales
price of 0.0024 ETH per CAER Token.

June 30TH, an additional 4 million CAER tokens will be available for sale at a cost of 0.0024 ETH per CAER token. The main TGE will conclude on July 15th unless all tokens are sold before hand.

The Caerus Tokens is a utility token that will be used within the platform. Multiple currencies such as crypto and fiat can be used as gateways. The tokens can be used to purchase and pay for subscriptions on Caerus Connections. The platform also has a wallet, which users can utilize to monitor their accounts, previous transactions, and their tokens.


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