CallPage is a startup enterprise that operates from both San Francisco, California and Krakow, Poland. The firm receives backing from a host of prominent European corporate giants, such as the famed Startup Wise Guys. CallPage ardently believes in the influence technology has on the sales industry, which is why they primarily focus on developing cutting-edge products and services.

Fundamentally, CallPage leverages fast callbacks and inbound marketing techniques to promote online businesses. By doing this, they generate sales leads as well as provide an excellent customer experience. The mantra of this institution is to act fast on a global scale while considering the community around it.

How It Works

When a business registers with CallPage, their website automatically gets a CallPage button. The following are the steps that CallPage uses to advertise online businesses using phone calls:

  • A prospective client clicks on the CallPage button on an online store’s website.
  • Upon clicking, a popup dialog box appears, prompting the user to provide their telephone number.
  • Once the customer receives the call, they are automatically connected to the business’s consultants.
  • The consultant holds an expansive conversation with the customer with an aim of generating a sales lead. This communication can be done using mobile phones, landlines and internet calls.

Callpage Token Info

Symbol: CALL
Total Supply: 155 Million (155,000,000) *
Available on ICO: 93 Million (93,000,000)
Soft Cap (including presales): 4 000 000 $
Hard Cap: 35 000 000 $
Currency Accepted: ETH
Token Standard: ERC20
Privatsales – 45%
1-2 week crowdsales – 35%
2-4 week crowdsales – 20%
5-7 week crowdsales – 10-5%

Callpage Features

Instant Callbacks

Typically, CallPage performs a callback within 28 seconds after a potential customer provides their phone number. This significantly increases the chances of getting inbound leads, as customers are attracted to the quick response.

Responsive Widget

The CallPage online widget adapts to any device, regardless of the display’s resolution. This makes it convenient for mobile users, who make up the majority of internet users.

Customizable Widget

Business have the freedom to adjust the appearance of the CallPage widget so that it can align with their brand image and web design. This is facilitated by the inbuilt CSS editor.


The CallPage back-end has an integrated analytics tool which is powered by Google Analytics. Using this feature, business can track phone calls, access client contacts, and analyze the traffic brought in by each source.

Scoring System

This is used to identify prospective customers. Essentially, is assigns points to businesses depending on certain client actions.

Global Reach

CallPage makes and receives calls from several countries across the world, with at least a single nation in each continent. Furthermore, the calls have multi-language support, a feature that increases the number of potential clients.

Callpage Pricing

Everyone interested in enlisting the services provided by CallPage is eligible to 7-day free trial which does not require them to avail their payment deals. Yes, it is absolutely free. However, this offer applies to new clients. Once this trial period elapse, business that find this service satisfactory are required to subscribe to one of the four membership plans.

The four plans are starter, professional, premium, and enterprise, and they cost $59, $199, $499, and $1,300 respectively. Tis fee is charged on a monthly basis, though users who opt for a yearly billing plan receive a 30% discount on these charges. As expected, the more costly a package is, the more features it has.

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