Camelot is one of the exclusive partners for the SAP Blockchain and IoT Co-Innovation Program. With this program, customers of SAP are given the opportunity to identify, discover, and implement applications that capture various events in the blockchain. This can include the design and development of products, logistics, and even product tracking.

For a while now, Camelot ITLab has been a digital leader and expert in blockchain technology. Through participating in the SAP program, it will provide the expertise needed for it to succeed.

There are already many proven blockchain use cases such as the Patient Healthcare Management, Transport Marketplace, and Sensor-Driven Track and Trace. Camelot offers the capabilities and best practices required to guide customers and lead blockchain initiatives. To do this, the company utilizes the Camelot Digital workbench, where blockchain plays a central role.

Camelot is offering its support to the cross-industry initiative by SAP, which will enable customers to join this program. Consequently, they will be able to understand the use cases for the blockchain. Besides that, it will give them a chance to understand the barriers, best practices, and much more.

With the approach being utilized in the collaboration with SAP, Camelot can help companies to jumpstart with the blockchain in just a short time. Besides that, those who take part in the program are able to actively influence the project and solutions according to their requirements and optimize the benefits. It is especially so in terms of being active in the blockchain network together with SAP, customers, and collaborates. This will help accelerate time to market and benefit from best practices.

How Camelot Feels About Their Collaboration

The managing partner at Camelot ITLab said that he was pleased to be contributing to the success of the initiative. He said that with their various use cases for the blockchain, Camelot was perfect for this. He added that the blockchain was a disruptive technology; he believed it was time to make use of the unexploited areas of the technology.

SAP and Camelot will focus on a few use cases such as parcel tracking, serialization, connected vehicles, anti-counterfeit, machine sensor data, file security, the smart grid, and decentralized manufacturing. Any company that is interested in the initiative can register. All they need to do is contact Camelot ITLab.

The Camelot Hypertrust Platform

Many enterprises today have a problem with data privacy, data ownership, and limited process visibility on the different value chains. Besides that, the numerous intermediaries usually make the business process complex and slow.

The Camelot Hypertrust Platform offers a trustless and risk-free method for the secure and private management of data. Besides that, it reduces the need for intermediaries and increases visibility. The Hypertrust Platform is modeled on the Ethereum platform.

It also offers flexibility and integrated services via secure and dependable middleware. It has distributed apps that offer concise and responsive user interaction, which are developed with modern web technologies. The design principles are all user-centered. The platform is powered by the blockchain.

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