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Recent advancements in the world of technology more specifically in cloud storage and Artificial Intelligence have enabled collecting and processing of massive data amounts leading to endless possibilities. One company – CamOnRoad, intends to leverage these innovative techs with the use of blockchain technology to enable drivers to earn while they drive and increasing their comfort and safety on the road.

About CamOnRoad

CamOnRoad is a globally decentralized real-time video logging system. Its system in real time collects, stores and processes a lot of videos and telemetric data from automobile roads all over the world.

The system will consist of various vital parts such as mobile application dash camera, private and public cloud storage, video search engine and artificial neural networks.

The platform was launched to address the confusion and breakdown in communication that usually occurs between participants of traffic accidents, insurance companies, and traffic police. It ensures maximum protection of users against fraud, unlawful actions and the risk of evidence loss.

The artificial neural networks of the platform of the platform analyze the data identifying objects on the road and the trajectories of their movement. This enables the platform to automatically detect apparent violations of the traffic rules and identify violators according to the license plate.

Earning CAM Tokens on the Mobile App

CamOnRoad has its internal currency known as CAM tokens which are based on the Ethereum platform.

Users can earn CAM tokens by participating in the platform. A user is required to check the box indicated “Use anonymized videos in the mutual aid system” and continues driving as they did before while uploading their videos to the cloud storage or streaming them directly which will depend on the blockchain scalability if this turns into a real coin/project.

The users of the app that create content (videos) and upload it to the platform will earn internal tokens. Users who require access to the platform content can get it by paying for access with the same CAM tokens bought from the application users directly from the CamOnRoad platform itself.

Artificial neural networks

Video content is more difficult to process and index compared to text and graphics. Artificial neural networks have now made it possible to reveal and recognize the following elements in videos:

  • Some models of vehicles
  • Some makes of vehicles
  • Some road signs
  • State number plates of the vehicles

Token Details and Information

  • Token Name: CAM tokens
  • Total Supply: 10,000,000
  • Emission: Only during the crowdsale
  • Soft cap: 10,000 ETH

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Token Allocation Plan

1.    Fundraiser – 65%

2.    Early users rewards, Bounties – 10%

3.    Founders, team, early investors – 25%

Funds Distribution Plan

1.    Product Development – 40%

2.    Hardware infrastructure improvement – 30%

3.    Marketing & customer acquisition

4.    Legal – 10%

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