Canabio CNB ICO Review

What is Canabio CNB?

The company Canabio is a registered trademark, which is a good thing. It shows the company is real if they’re willing to invest the resources creating a trademarked name. It also shows they plan on staying around for a while. The premise of the company is being the first cryptocurrency-based cannabinoid oil company.

How Does Canabio Work?

It’s been manufactured from the highest quality, naturally produced and organic substances. The main company is Canabio TM, who has carefully formulated the compounds recipe which is also patented. There are different types of cannabis, some with higher levels of cannabinoids, other with less – both activating different membrane receptors in the brain.

Canabio has a carefully crafted recipe that has the perfect balance of ingredients. It gives users the ultimate in therapy minus the risks. The compound is created for medicinal purposes only.

The vision for Canabio is also solid. It will take a lot of work and is very unique. It’s also simple at the same time, while being highly targeted to a specific niche that doesn’t have a lot of competition in the cryptocurrency space.

The three steps of their vision are:

  • Raw Production – The first step is to solidify the solid biological production of hemp or cannabis for strict medical use.
  • Extraction – The second step is to produce the medicine oil using the patented recipe.
  • TreatmentThe third step is to treat patients for Canabio TM therapy using the medicine.

Details of the Canabio CNB ICO

The ICO here is carried out a bit differently than with many other recent startups. Unlike a lot of shady companies who only have a few weeks or months of ICO, they have an ICO that is set for the next 667 days. That right there shows the length of time this company plans on sticking around. Instantly, they get a bump on the ratings scale for this.

Long term investments like this are extremely smart. Fast money is great too but be ready to think long term if you truly ever want to gain massive wealth. As of now, they’ve raised over $27,374, 353.

The proper use of blockchain technology combined with the Canabiocoin (token) is said to help improve a lot of lives while bringing investors to the table.

Who is Behind Canabio CNB?

The founder is Jakob Kuess, the chemist is Anton Majelj, and the biologist is Ana Vidic. These are three top members and founders of the company. There are likely others who are others who are helping with the project as well, all of whom are professional. The only issue I see is there is no verification on the website as to the authenticity of the team. Usually you would have links to their social media accounts, preferably LinkedIn for validation. This could raise concern with many of the more experienced investors.

Of course, I didn’t research into the team myself, so they may be well known. Most of them hail from mainland Europe it would seem. But in reality, the fact that they hold patents on there recipe and trademarked logo says a lot.

So does their lengthy ICO campaign. Everything they’re doing screams that they’ll be around for a long time or at least intend to. And since they are strictly medicinal, it’s likely they already have backing from medical groups.

Canabio CNB ICO Conclusion

This appears to be a legit company looking to solve a specific problem, incorporating cryptocurrency into the fray. It’s a smart move as it allows for international investors without all the red tape as well anonymity for those who would rather keep their involvement with cannabis out of the public eye.

Keep an eye on this team of crypto-cannabis pioneers, give them some time and see what they can do. They could end up being a great company to invest into for the right people.

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