Cantor Exchange

What Is Cantor Exchange?

Cantor Exchange is a new startup that has officially announced the purpose of their company will be as a Bitcoin Swap. All it takes is $100 to get started up, and there is no broker needed to start trading.

How Does Cantor Exchange Work?

The company, has a lot of different goals that are designed to help the users of Cantor Exchange, have the best experience with the platform. They’re covering area that other startups have not yet:

Weather Market:

Rainfall – As they put it, even weather that is not catastrophic would have a huge impact on businesses of any shape or size. Rain affects the behavior of customers, the operations of the business and even its logistics. Not only that but the bottom line is that weather can be generally bad for business in a multitude of ways. It’s one of the top three pics that S7P 500 companies speak of on calls about their earnings reports. Cantor exchange is now offering weather contracts with fixed payouts and limited risk factors. They are said to help you bring down the exposure to rainfall at more than fifty-five different locations in the United States.

Landfalls – Every year, there are millions of people in the United States that feel the financial hit that comes after a tropical storm. The same can be said for the thousands of businesses across the country. Tropical storms, devastate that east and gulf coasts of the United States. Cantor Exchange is offering digital weather contracts to help business and individuals reduce the amount of financial impacts these storms are having. They are making a point to take an official stance on helping entities overcome the challenge of dealing with Landfalls.


Forex – This stands for Foreign Exchange Market- and it’s one of the biggest, quickest trading markets in the world. Cantor Exchange now offers six different currency pairs, plus USD/XAU. They will expire anywhere from 5min to EOD. They will help provide the information you need to trade fast.

Cantor Exchange Conclusion

The exchange is a CFTC approved and designate contract market. And they will provide an ever-growing set of specialized products. They will cover everything from Tropical Storms and inclement weather. They will establish new rules for fair trading and offer users the reliable, safe trading platform.

Also, they will push to match the right buyers with the right sellers and supervise any trades or transactions for any participating parties on the market. Basically, if you’re into crypto-trading or currency, then you should definitely check out Cantor Exchange.

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