Captivate is a digital token created by Neil Patel. Find out how it works today in our review.

What Is Captivate?

Digital marketing guru Neil Patel is purportedly launching an ICO for a cryptocurrency called Captivate.

There’s limited information about the cryptocurrency available online at this time. All we really have is a single 2 minute Vimeo video.

In that video, we see Patel talking about problems in today’s advertising industry. Patel mentions problems like inattentive viewers and poor quality products. He aims to solve those problems with Captivate.

The basic idea behind Captivate is that the token aims to “tokenize captivation”. Advertisers can pay for a user’s “captivation”. Users can sell data to companies through the Captivate network, and advertisers can pay for a captive audience.

What Problems Does Captivate Seek To Solve?

Neil Patel and his team see several major problems with today’s “broken” advertising industry. Some of the problems identified in the video above include:

  • Intrusive ads
  • Fraud
  • Poor quality products
  • No channels, no choice, and no quality for users

How Does Captivate Advertising Coin Token Work?

The idea behind Captivate is like this:

“Imagine a world where captivation becomes tokenized and decentralized.” Captivate wants to allow companies to exchange data and capture their audience over multiple channels, including push, email, chatbox, and native ads.

The ultimate goal is to allow audience members to learn about things they want in a format they prefer.

The core of the ecosystem is a decentralized, peer-to-peer audience exchange where you are matched with companies you will love in a decentralized fashion.

The ecosystem has a peer-to-peer feedback system that ensures only the highest quality companies have the ability to captivate you.

Companies can also share information across a decentralized exchange. Users can sell their information through that exchange, then earn a reward for sharing that data. Users earn a token reward from sharing their data, then receive advertisements for products they’re genuinely interested in.

About Neil Patel

Neil Patel is a California-based online marketing specialist. He’s known for co-founding companies like KISSmetrics and Crazy Egg. Today, Crazy Egg is an analytics software that allows website owners to see what visitors are doing when they visit your website by viewing a heatmap of visitor’s clicks.

Neil’s social media profiles and official website,, have not yet been updated with any information about his Captivate digital currency.

Captivate Conclusion

Captivate is a peer-to-peer digital currency created by Neil Patel. The currency was announced through a short video. There’s no whitepaper available online, and no further information has been released thus far. All we have is the brief video.

Ultimately, it’s not clear where the Captivate project stands. However, based on the video, Patel wants to create a digital token that “tokenizes” the attention of users. Users can share their data with advertisers to receive a reward, and advertisers can pay to interact with a captive audience.

Stay tuned for more information about Neil Patel’s Captivate ICO.

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  1. Hi there, great news for cryptocurrency lovers. I’m following Neil Patel since long, I have learned a lot from his digital marketing strategies and SEO.
    I would love to be the part of Captivate, but can’t find the video you have mentioned in the article.
    May I know the link to video please :)
    Thanks for updating us!


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