It is just a matter of time before almost every aspect of modern human life goes digital, and eventually, on the blockchain. This includes our entire commercial and financial systems, lifestyle, culture, and essentially who we are as a people.

What Is CAR Project?

CAR Platform is taking the steps to bring the luxury online car market on the blockchain through its Car Project. Simply put, this is going to be the very first blockchain car market where users can buy or rent luxury cars. CAR Platform is working on bringing all the amazing benefits of cryptocurrencies to the luxury car market.

How CAR Project Luxury Cars Blockchain Marketplace Works

Bugatti, McLaren, Rolls Royce, Aston Martin, Porsche, Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Bentley are just a few of the popular car makes that customers the CAR Platform is targeting are looking to buy or hire. The idea for an online car market was conceived in early 2017 and it was then that the founders established that there is expected to be an exponential growth of the online car market in the near future, and especially the Luxury niche. This is because unlike yester-years, current buyers and renters of luxury cars are young hip investors it is no longer the old moneyed buyers.

To meet future car market demands, the company behind the CAR Platform has set up a CAR ERC20 blockchain token on the Ethereum platform that it will use to handle payments, store car, dealer, and customer details anonymously and generally run the company’s platform on the blockchain. According to the company’s research, the service will eliminate the current hassle of shopping for and buying a car online besides improving transparency in payment and shipping.

Based on CAR Platform’s data, about 60 percent of luxury car buyers spend most of their car shopping time on the internet researching and comparing cars and dealers. The report says that these customers use multiple devices during the search and that almost 80 percent end up buying cars directly from third-party websites.

With CAR Platform on the scene, the time it takes to research and compare cars and dealers will be reduced to a few hours at most. The buyers will not need to rely on untrusted opinions and reviews on dealer websites and best of all, they will even get to know exactly from whom they are buying their cars.

The car dealers will list their stocks of luxury cars on the CAR Platform where customers from around the globe can search and compare. The customers can then communicate with the dealers directly on the platform and close the deal using a smart contract. The platform uses the CAR token as payment and customers and dealers will have a platform to leave feedback and reviews based on their experience.

CAR Project Token ICO Details

An ICO for the CAR token is live now through 07/31/18. The accepted currency to invest in the CAR token is Ethereum.

CAR Project Conclusion

The CAR Project has a very ambitious and clearly time-ready plan to place the luxury car on a blockchain platform. This approach to disrupting the luxury car market is a very ambitious leap, but based on the latest developments in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries, it should be a huge success in no time.


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