What Is Carats? is a new blockchain company that has created a new token that will be backed by real diamonds. The tokenization of assets is nothing really new, as many companies are tokenizing objects of art, real estate, jewelry and even things like whisky and wine., following this trend, has decided to monetize one of the most important assets of the jewel industry: diamonds.

The company is backed by the world leader in diamond exchanges, the Israel Diamond Exchange (ISDE), which will provide the company will a transparent and not so much volatile manner to use diamonds in a tokenized way. By using CARAT tokens you will be able to invest in diamonds without having to put together the amount of money that you would need to buy one.

While many companies are offering a similar product, this is the first company in the world to create this kind of token with diamonds.

Who Is Behind Carats?

The team that created is composed by Avishai Shoushan (CEO), Gabriel Diamant (CPO), Dor Eligula (marketing), Or Eligula (operations), Mor Hazan (product manager), Nadav Perl (Chief Revenue Officer), Lior Kwintner (legal), Moshe Torban (developer), Itamar Demri (blockchain), Eylon Aviv (Asia Business development).

Others are Noam Barnea (blockchain), Lidor Beck (online marketing), Molly Cornfield (content writer), Jose Clastornik (technological advisor), Sharon Gefen (strategic communications), Nathaniel Bodinger (lead UX/UI designer) and Noah Wilder (community management).

Other strategic partners of the company are Net Capital Ventures, Blonde 2.0 and Get Diamonds.

How Carats Israel Diamond Exchange Coin Works

The company keeps the diamonds that you buy in vaults. These diamonds have to be well kept because they are used as a reserve and for the company to have liquidity. They will be bought with the money from the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and they exist to distribute their intrinsic value to the CARAT tokens.

The auditing of the diamonds to evaluate their value will be performed by Ernst & Young Accounting Firm, which will visit the vault on a regular basis to ensure that the tokens will be there. This will be made to ensure the transparency for the token holders because they will know by a third party that the diamonds exist and that they are not being scammed or fooled in any way.

Carats CARAT Token ICO Details

You will be able to buy CARAT tokens during the upcoming sale. A sale will be made first for accredited investors only. To participate in this sale, you will have to spend at least $20,000 USD in CARAT tokens. This phase will be followed by a pre-sale (minimum investment of 1000 USD) and a crowdsale with a minimum investment of only $100 per investor.

75% of the tokens will be sold on the crowdsale and the rest will stay with the company’s team and service providers. The ICO is planned for Q2 2018, but there is still not an exact date for it. The private sale is already happening at the time of this report, so we think that the rest of the sale will happen soon.

Carats Verdict

This company looks like a good investment. Diamonds are considerably stable. Their price does not fluctuate so much as many cryptocurrencies do, so it looks like a stable way to invest in cryptos and diamonds at the same time.

If you always wanted to participate in one of these two markets (or maybe in both of them), you will probably be considerably satisfied with what is currently being offered by the company at this moment.

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