Investments in Digital Assets is complex and cumbersome process. The degree of information one needs to study is absolutely overwhelming, especially for those without a technical background. Centralized trading platforms lack transparency and are in a seriously prone to a single point of failure. Existing incentive structures of a traditional trading platform and tradition fund managers represents imperfect alignments of interests.

Carboneum aims to solve such problems.

What Is Carboneum?

Carboneum is an openly distributed protocol that is creating a democratized social trading platform, named CoinRadars. It is worth highlighting that, as an open protocol built on our off-chain technology, Carboneum will be completely compatible with other apps in the ecosystem such as StockRadars, CoinMax, and other future platforms.

Carboneum Blockchain Social Crypto Trading Features

Copy Trade Contract:

Leader & Follower agree upon terms of the contract via ERC20 smart contract on Ethereum blockchain.


The leader provides access to their investment account to Carboneum and follower. The relay will keep track of any changes in the leader’s trading activities on their exchange.


Once relay spots any movements, it will copy those actions and execute trade orders to the follower’s trading account proportionately to their asset allocation. In the event, the trade yields positive results, the relay will signal a request to smart contract to deduct a certain amount of fee from the follower’s digital wallet. Carboneum will settle and collect verifying fee once the follower closes their trade position.

Incentive Structure:

Carboneum and CoinRadars plan to revolutionize the incentive structure by aligning the interests of the leader, follower, and platform, whereby the only circumstance the platform will earn revenue and followers pay a fee is when a positive trade actually takes place. This is in stark contrasts to the way traditional social trading platform and traditional asset-management company charge their customers.

Knowledge Trading Platform:

Social trading or copy trading is a service which enables any users to choose expert traders to follow, establishing a “follower & leader” type of relationship, based on the expected returns and risk preferences, and delegate the authority to execute copied trade orders automatically to Carboneum via ERC20 smart contract system

Carboneum C8 Token ICO Details

Carboneum Token (C8) is used primarily for social trading features for digital assets. C8 certainly offers other utilities for premium services in the future, such as a substantial discount on the trading fee. C8 token holders will be benefited greatly in terms of discount on premium services, in which the fee will be reduced by 50% if paid by the C8 token. The discount rate will gradually reduce every year. It is of great significance to note that C8 token can also be used in StockRadars and FundRadars app for extra discounts on premium and exclusive features.

A modest 200 million token will be in circulation with 120 million allocated for token sale. 60% will be available for Pre-Sale and ICO, 20% will be given to the ownership of the company, 12% for the team and partners, 5% for the advisors and 3% for the recruiting team.

Fund Usage:

  • 50% – Platform and Protocol Development
  • 25% – Marketing and Business Development
  • 10% – Operating Expenses
  • 10% – Research & Consultancy Fee
  • 5% – Compliance Fee

Carboneum Conclusion

The combination of CoinRadars and Carboneum will allow communication with major digital asset and cryptocurrency exchanges directly. These two elements, the platform, and the protocol, place a great significance on transparency and complete decentralization of trade executions as they attempt to build an ecosystem for social trading.

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