The ‘ride share’ market has been growing ever so steadily since the advent of taxi services like Uber, Lyft back in 2009. The market was initially slow to pick up, but by 2014, Uber and other similar ventures had begun to collect a revenue stream of more than $17 billion annually. Demand for moving and transportation has never stopped, and as the world population continues to rise, it is quite obvious that a new global transportation model needs to be slowly adopted all across the planet (so as to not only protect essential resources, but also to reduce issues related to traffic).

Why Is Car Sharing Being Touted As The Future Of Transport?

According to many studies conducted across the globe, the masses seem to be favoring the Uber model of transportation, over conventional taxi services. This is made evident by the fact that there are now many Uber like operations that have garnered market attention all across the world ( for example: Didi Kuaidi of China, Grab Taxi of Singapore, Ola of India)

Some of the key aspects which make Car Sharing appealing to customers include:

  • Lesser regulatory laws than conventional taxi services
  • Allows for direct interaction between customers and drivers (thereby eliminating the need for intermediaries).
  • Helps create more jobs

About Car Sharing Community And CarCoin

Car Sharing Community is a “crypto platform” that allows customers to find fellow app users, to come together and carpool, so as to minimize fuel costs, reduce traffic etc. Carcoin makes use of various features that are intrinsic to the blockchain, thereby allowing for the use of smart contracts to execute all deals that are made within the system. In addition to this, according to the company’s official whitepaper, the Car Sharing Community consists of customers, drivers and developers, who have strived to make a platform that allows for a complete decentralization of power, thereby giving authority reigns into the hands of customers.

Some Of The Other Key Aspects Of Carcoin Include:


Since this car sharing platform uses our details, it is of utmost importance to maintain a high level of encryption at all times. Car Sharing Community uses algorithms and security protocols that make sure that our information, call history is encrypted before it is put on blockchain to ensure the highest level of privacy.

Ease Of Payment:

One of the key features of this system is its use of its very own currency called Carcoin. This token is the fuel that runs this platform, and along with Ethereum and Bitcoin, it will be used to execute all payments within the network. Through the use of ‘Smart Contracts’, users can be sure that all of the monetary transactions that go through the system are secure. Lastly, to further enhance transparency in its dealings, the company provides its users a complete record of the ‘accounting database’.

No Third Party Interference:

As mentioned earlier, Car Sharing Community is a ‘decentralized, self-governing community’.

How Will Carcoin Work?

The company will offer users with a downloadable smartphone app called “Mycar”. It will be based on the the blockchain, and will serve as the interface between drivers with their customers. In terms of its functionality, cryptocurrencies can be transferred to the app, and can then be used for regular payments. In addition to this, users will also have the option to pay via the use of cash, credit cards etc.

  • To make use of the Mycar App, users simply need to press on the “request ride” button to call for a pickup. However, before the booking is confirmed, users have to enter their destination address.
  • Once the destination has been inputted, platform users are presented with a list of drivers who have all been prioritized on the basis of their “performance history”. Customers can then make their choice, and be on their way.

Other crucial details that are provided through the use of the app include:

  • The Full name / Age / Sex / Phone number of the driver.
  • Service ratings / Vehicle status / Costume of the service provider.
  • Number of times' acceleration or sudden deceleration was experienced during rides by previous customers.

Carcoin Token Sale Details

Pre – sale:

During this period, a total of 4,200,000 Carcoins will be sold. This will be done in the form of daily auctions, which can be accessed by users through the official company website. The starting price daily will be $ 0.3 / Carcoin and will push close to $0.6 by the end of each session. In all there will be a cap of 200,000 Carcoins per day. At the end of this phase, all of the tokens will be made available to customers immediately.


During this phase, there will be a total of 90,800,000 Carcoins that will be put up for sale. The sale will go on for a period of 2 years, so as to attract substantial capital and market interest. After the expiry of this duration, all remaining Carcoin Tokens will be put in a fund that will then be used to reward customers. The total number of Carcoins for Pre-sale and Crowdsale is 50% of the total kitty.

For all further enquiries, users are requested to contact customer care either via email, or through the number provided on the web page.

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