The current SL code on which Cardano runs works well by many standards. However, it was never meant to be a long-term platform. The company has been working on a more comprehensive code since its launch, and it is finally ready to deliver.

An Early Christmas Present

The new update is at its final stage of development and the development team is optimistic that it may launch anywhere between the end of November and start of December.

The ADA 1-4 update is at the final testing stage according to Charles Hoskinson, the CEO of IOHK. According to Mr. Hoskinson, the development team has conducted a lot of regression tests but has not found any significant thing so far. He was also keen to mention that further testing is needed to ensure that the update is flawless.

A New Code

One of the interesting things about the ADA 1.4 update is that it is built on an entirely new code – the code is also the first ever to be formally verified by regulators according to Mr. Hoskinson. This new code will also set the precedent for all other codes to come. According to Mr. Hoskinson, the ADA 1.4 update is a new variation of the Ouroboros BFT. He was also keen to mention that all other codes from henceforth would be Shelley and that the company was exploring means of moving to an entirely new variation of Ouroboros.

The goal to move to a new version of Ouroboros is so important for the Cardano ecosystem that the company has 5 independent and interdependent teams working on it. Mr. Hoskinson was especially keen to mention that all 5 teams are currently engaged in test implementations and that they have already published a paper on the code.

Good Tidings For Cardano Users

One of the expected outcomes of the upcoming ADA 1.4 update is that it will make the Cardano ecosystem more efficient than it already is. Mr. Hoskinson said that the development team has found new database solutions that will lessen the need for huge storage capacities and help improve overall speed and performance. He also said that a lot of refactoring had taken place at the platform’s core level.

The upcoming update will be the new foundation of the Cardano wallet’s backend. It will be characterized by a lot of structural and architectural changes, all of which are designed to drop dependency.

What Does The Future Hold?

Cardano has ambitious plans for the future and the ADA 1.4 update is just the beginning. Considering that the new update runs on an entirely new code, all future codes will expectedly run on the new variant of Ouroboros. This may come with significant changes in the ecosystem’s structure and definitely better speed and performance standards.


The upcoming ADA 1.4 update is expected to come out anytime from now as soon as regression testing is complete. It will improve efficiency and function as the new foundation for the wallet’s backend. It will also set the precedent for all future updates as it is built on new code.

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