Cardano (ADA) CEO Charles Hoskinson Shares IOHK's Ethereum Classic (ETC) Involvement

Cardano CEO Talks About the Role of IOHK In Supporting ETC’s development

Charles Hoskinson, the CEO of Cardano, has recently decided to go to YouTube to address how IOHK will serve a role to continue to support ETC development. According to him, people should be given a proper choice, not a rushed one, and this is why the developer supports Ethereum Classic.

He states that many believe in Vitalik’s work with Ethereum while others believe in the original intent of the token, so both sides should have their chance. According to him, the Ethereum Classic (ETC) community did not start with a lot of credibility, but that is slowly changing.

Hoskinson believes that by restarting the project and investing money to build it from the ground with a new client might be the right choice. The Cardano team also started from scratch with a team of Scala developers. The team was engaged in constructing an Ethereum client that could be user-friendly and really easy to use.

The CEO is confident that, while there have been some attempts to create some capital aggregation, the company has still not gotten there and that this point will be achieved in the near future if development continues as intended.

Next Version Will Be Shown In September

It was also mentioned by the CEO that a new version of mantas that will have a built-in Ethereum support for Ethereum, Ethereum Classic and ERC20 wallets, will be shown in a summit in September. This will be a full node and the entire network will run using the code.

The summit will also have discussions about the plans for the company in 2019 and that some topics like if the blockchain should be updated to be more scalable or not. In the end, he believes that people respect Ethereum Classic now and that the cryptocurrency has a brilliant future ahead of it.

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