Cardano (ADA) Hires FP Complete Blockchain Auditing Service For Haskell Libraries Software Examination

The Cardano Foundation has decided to employ the help of FP Complete, which is a blockchain auditing service. FP Complete will be auditing the software libraries for Cardano, which is one of the many ways that they are working to make their blockchain more transparent and trustworthy for users. From this point forward, there will be regular reports of the Haskell Libraries.

For individuals that do not know their coding history, Haskell is a coding language, of which Cardano is the first to use for their cryptocurrency platform. These audit reports will hopefully help with repeated solutions within the libraries. They will also review the maturity of the libraries and the frequency of quality maintenance within it.

Why Should Cardano Audit The Software Library?

Based on the information given by Cardano, being able to depend on the information found in a software library is essential. These libraries are packed full of resources for both code and documentation. With it, the platform is able to create new software that will further the progress of both the company and the industry. They have only recently become a critical component involved in the open-source software movement.

The foundation released the following statement about this decision:

“We hope these audit releases will benefit the wider Haskell developer community, encourage a public discussion around commonly used code and help support and encourage a process for vetting dependencies for safety and security concerns.”

Right now, consumers have the opportunity to view the first report, which they will find under the title “Haskell ‘Binary’ Report.” This report specifically dealt with the binary package from Haskell, though it has not been finalized. The report that consumers can view is strictly based on the company’s current status of the audit. Since the audit is still a work in progress, readers will need to take that into consideration, since all of the details may not be updated.

Recent Delays In Audit

The Foundation actually assigned FP Complete to their platform late last year, though they were only performing an independent audit. This audit was to evaluate the settlement layer, which means that they would be checking code, technical documentation, and the operating processes of the creators of Cardano too – IOHK.

Since this independent evaluation, FP Complete has done many others for company. They seem to coincide with the philosophy of Cardano, which is “research driven, scientific best practice and rigorous peer-review.”

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