Cardano (ADA) Introduces Non-Interactive Proofs-Of-Work (NIPoPoWs) Concepts on New Website

Cardano (ADA)’s Researchers Introduces Concept Of Non-Interactive Proofs-Of-Work (NIPoPoWs)

The Cardano (ADA) platform is slowly becoming more prominent in the crypto world for the various upgrades that it posts on their system. There are multiple test net launches, wallet releases, and even paper submissions that are stealing the attention of their investors. They even have hosted conferences and summits to show their technology advances. Their research and development unit is constantly looking for new ways to push Cardano forward, and one researcher has brought forth a new concept that conveys just that.

Dionysis Zindros, a researcher with Cardano, has developed a website that specifically discusses the idea of interactive proofs of proof-of-work. Conversely, the researcher delves deeper, bringing a new concept to the table called non-interactive proofs-of-work (NIPoPoWs).

About NIPoPoWs

NIPoPoWs, as the researcher describes, are standalone strings of code that let a computer’s software check for events on proof-of-work blockchains. However, these codes do not require connection to the internet to perform their functions, and do not need to download every block header while checking. The proofs can show payments, and they let the user create a wallet with a blockchain that imitates the functioning of an API.

Any blockchain that has the technology to support smart contracts, like what Ethereum provides, can be used alongside a NIPoPoWs to discover anything that occurred on that chain. However, the only way that the proofs can be created is if the blockchain already has the capability to support NIPoPoWs built into it. Luckily, that support can be included without infiltrating the blockchain with other software or coding changes. There are a few crypto platforms that have had a default program to use NIPoPoWs since the time they were developed.

The Necessity Of NIPoPoWs

The whole reasoning for the PoW proofs is that some blocks have a better ability to reach their mining target than other programs. However, there is not much of a reason for bringing an entire set of headers to the network in the first place. The only difference with a superblock is basically that the block hash is preceded by a higher number of zeros than necessary.

Many of these blocks in sequence develop a super-chain with superblocks. A full description of the installation and interlinking process can be found within the technical papers of the blockchain.

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