Cardano's Leader Discusses Prometheus, Plutus & Smart Contracts ADA Projects

Cardano (ADA) Roadmap: Protecting Satoshi Nakamoto's Vision At All Costs

The Cardano Foundation has recently announced that it updated the roadmap for its project and plans for the future.

In June, Cardano (ADA) redesigned its roadmap. Now the new version is much more elegant and streamlined, while maintaining the beautiful aesthetics of the original roadmap.

As such, there are three principles that guide the progress of this roadmap:

  1. The growth of the community and its needs.
  2. A distributed and resilient network, true to Satoshi's original vision.
  3. Balancing the pace of research and development so that commercial advantages do not outweigh the application of scientific rigor.

Cardano's official roadmap reads as follows:

“We are currently in Byron, the bootstrap phase, where we are making improvements. These include to the code, for example in the wallet backend, and debugging. We will improve the design of Daedalus and make integration through APIs to third parties simpler. We will then move from Byron to Shelley, where the network becomes decentralized.”

So the next 18 months will contribute to stability, interoperability and governance. Cardano's protocols will gradually increase in complexity, interdependence and use more exotic cryptographic primitives throughout the advancement phase.

After completing the Byron phase, Cardano will enter the Shelley phase. The foundation has also expressed its gratitude to the Cardano community that has been always supporting the project during all the stages. The hope of the community is that the roadmap will be something they can build together – Foundation and Community – over time and that this will become one of their strongest pillars as a project and for the future.

They say a cryptocurrency is as good as the community behind it. Not for nothing is the Cardano Foundation satisfied with the demands of its community, although they have also been patient and helpful to the project.

Cardano has devoted his resources to two investigations, which focus on the “ontology of intelligent contracts” and the correction of errors detected in Ethereum's smart contracts (ETH). This research will cover Ethereum specifically and the overall foundational design of smart contracts.

Cardano is now being traded around $0.13 dollars, has $3.41 billion dollars market cap and is the 8th most important virtual currency.

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