Cardano (ADA) Smart Contract TestNet KEVM Released One More Scheduled

The Release of Newly Updated Cardano (ADA) to Support Smart Contracts TestNet

CEO of Cardano (ADA), Charles Hoskinson, has finally announced the updated Cardano 1.2.0 platform. As for the changes, they have been made on ADA’s technical aspects like its code, Smart Contract TestNet and its overall platform.

The ADA Smart Contract TestNet is called KEVM, because it combines “K formal executable semantics”. Its overall design is said to maximize the verification process of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (i.e. smart contracts).

This is supposedly a big leap for the ADA team, as they have managed to be part of a project that created the first ever “complete formal semantics of the EVM” with the help of Runtime Verification’s technology. The team further believes that this step can lead to the “promise of third-generation blockchains.”

The need for formal semantics of the EVM was previously mentioned by Grigore Rosu, CEO of Runtime Verification. He went onto suggest that tightening security within the Ethereum smart contracts is a step that needs to be seriously taken in order to avoid exposure reoccurrences. Rosu specifically stated that, “This work serves as a foundation for the development of new smart contract analysis tools … it gives us invaluable insight on how to design programming languages for smart contracts.”

As for the updated Cardano 1.2.0 platform, it is said to take into effect as of 12:20 PM UTC. Similarly, the changes made in regards to the codes, the visual aspects as well as newly added features have been presented on:

Based on existing information, some of the changes made to the ADA coding are as follows:

  • Benchmarking tools for the ADA wallet
  • Mempool in the Wallet Backend
  • Newly Integrated V1 API endpoints
  • Fixes to System bugs

In addition to the code changes, the main website, JSON metadata will also be updated that way users can download the latest version. The long-awaited update has finally been released, how will the ADA community react to the new developments?

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