Cardano (ADA) to Overthrow EOS's Place as the King of Dapps Once Fully Launched: Weiss Ratings

The Dapp ecosystem has been seeing a lot of growth with EOS and Tron currently leading the trend.

However, if Weiss Ratings is to be believed once Cardano is fully launched, it will sunpass EOS and become the King of Dapps.

“Cardano hasn't fully launched yet, therefore, usage is low and there are no dApps running on it. Once finished, we expect great things out of the protocol, quite possibly taking EOS's place as the number one dApp platform. We are cautiously optimistic.”

Just a few days back, Weiss Ratings have shared some numbers that showed that EOS is in fact the “undisputed King of dApps,” with Tron following close behind.

However Ethereum that has been dominating the dapp ecosystem in 2018 has now about 3 to 8 dapps left in the top 50.

“Only three of the top 50 dApps are running on the Ethereum. From the remaining 47, 26 are based on EOS and 21 on TRON. EOS is the undisputed King of dApps.”

In response to this, Cardano founder and Ethereum co-founder Charles Hoskinson quipped,

“By that logic, you might as well include amazon web services into the mix.”

“That's like asking who is staying at your hotel when you haven't finished building it.” replied Hoskinson to one crypto enthusiast’s “What dapps are built on cardano?”

In response to this, Weiss Ratings declared the growth Cardano would be seeing once it is fully launched. But it didn’t go well with Tron or other enthusiasts, as one said, “What in the world can that be based on? Zero evidence, zero proof.” While another one had this to share,

“Damn.. I didn’t know there was a line of devs wrapped around the building waiting to build on Cardano. We’ll let the stats do the talking.. as of right now dappradar and blocktivity shows EOS and Tron dominating.”

However, Cardano enthusiasts have faith in this cryptocurrency and its future prospect as one said,

“Check out the Github downloads. There is a huge demand building for Cardano!” While another one is currently accumulating this cryptocurrency, “It will be used wildly. I am adding as much as possible for the long haul.”

According to the current roadmap which would be refreshed after the announcement of Cardano 2020 at the IOHK Summit on April 17-18, Cardano is in Byron, the bootstrap phase where developments are ongoing.

The next phase of Cardano's development will be Shelley, that is the path to “full decentralization of Cardano.” In this next phase, the introduction of the Open Outboros Delegation would be the key feature that will be implemented in code. Just recently, Cardano released a whitepaper on Proof-of-Stake sidechains.

Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), XRP (Ripple), and BCH Price Analysis Watch (Feb 12th)

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  1. iF ONE CONSIDERS ALL THE TECH BUILT INTO CARDANO >>> it is pretty easy to see why major institutions would find a great deal of interest in this blockchain. There is nothing else on the market that has the design and strength of science and math so well integrated with in their blockchain and Token. Cardano may be the next token to challenge the position of BTC. I’m saying the amazing technology surpasses anything on the market today.

    Lets think of this this way. There are highly skilled people, even engineers who build KIT PLANES to fly as a hobby. Now compare that to a Commercially built aircraft. Both fly and are good sound machines BUT which one would you risk your family flying back and forth across oceans in every kind of harsh weather?

    You see, Cardano is built like a Commercial product rather than like hobby craft. It’s built for the long haul with backups, funding, engineering, redundancies and the ability to retrofit new code with new features and applications so it’s continually able to update and evolve as use evolves and updates. This project is so advanced it truly does represent to the commercial world a true commercially built product meant specifically for them.

    I believe Cardano will very possibly find it’s way above BTC one day. Not because BTC is bad but because Cardano is so very good. It is indeed qualified for the Olympics. It’s the best suited for any commercial market. Even it’s contracts are designed for banks and financial institutions who understand contract laws but do not understand coding in Haskel. Just by connecting blocks of contract language they can construct the necessary pieces without any formal coding knowledge. This is a product for every Reserve bank on the planet and once it’s presented and made available it is very possible this blockchain will advance to the top of the crypto world. Eventually another king maker oe king killer will appear, but for now CARDANO IS RISING.


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