Ethereum Co-Founder Discusses Global Adoption, Warns Against

The Cardano Founder, Hoskinson Shares his Thoughts

The CEO and the founder of the Engineering and science firm, InputOutput (IOHK), Charles Hoskinson, went ahead to conduct an Ask Me Anything session (AMA), on the 17th of October at Toronto. During this session, the leader of the IOHK was asked several questions, which included the recent split that took place with Cardano Foundation.

More From the Ask Me Anything

At this session, Hoskinson was able to speak about IOHK’s current relationship with the Hyperledger and some of the projects that Cardano is considering to contribute. According to a statement that he made, Hyperledger has developed a great collection of projects, that is the Sawtooth and Fabric. He went ahead to state that the Cardano team has been well acquainted with the skilled team at Fabric.

Hoskinson went ahead to say that the Fabric project is led by Christian Cash, who is also the head of the IACR. He goes on to say that he recognizes that he is among the top experts that are present within the distributed systems. A project that he appreciates and further noted that it was well structured.

He also discussed a little about the correlation that exists between the crypto ecosystems in the market when it comes to raising the needed capital vs. the success that they will actually survive in the volatile market. Hoskinson also stated that they would be luring several parties into the blockchain technology concept, which could be a short-term boost to the growing ecosystem.

He also spoke about the Ethereum system, where he acknowledged that it is the second largest cryptocurrency you can find in the world, and was able to raise about $18 million. With these funds raised it has helped it reach this position as a leading coin within the crypto space, whereas the currency that is leading the market did not, in fact, raise any funds.

And from this, he goes on to say that it is a little ironic that the leading coin did not raise any funds to reach that said position, but the second largest had to raise 18 million. Thus, this can be strong evidence that the money raised within the crypto space does not guarantee success.

He also spoke about Monero XMR, which has been considered to be the leading privacy coin that was able to integrate a bulletproof within their system recently.

The Team Behind Hyperledger

The Hyperledger team is very interested and looks forward to working with Cardano. The Cardano has some upcoming developments taking place in their ecosystem. The founder went ahead to state that the team will be releasing a couple of videos that will be on the Shelley project. But this is not all as he went forward to inform the Cardano community that there will be a 1.4 update soon then after this the company will quickly get into the QA testing stage.

But this is not all you should expect as the IOHK went ahead to announce that they will be releasing the Cardano 1.3.1 plus the Daedalus 0.11.1.

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