Charles Hoskinson Stresses the Importance of Peer Reviews

In a recent Ask Me Anything (AMA) session, IOHK co-founder Charles Hoskinson discussed how peer review systems are crucial in the development of networks. Charles also mentioned that such networks require speed and accuracy in their construction period. The AMA also focused on the lifestyle and social media conduct of Hoskinson, centering on his recent exit from Twitter. Charles left Twitter after a series of unfriendly tweets and trolls were directed at him. Regarding this, he explained that his decision was influenced by the derogatory nature of the response directed to him by Twitter users. He also added that he does not value of opinion of such individuals.

Additionally, Charles Hoskinson said that he perceives peer reviews a centerpiece in the development of new software products, though many participant deem it as a trivial aspect. In this regard, Charles stated that peer reviews can prove useful in identifying bugs and errors in a software, allowing its developers to correct it before making the product available to the public.

Furthermore, Charles revealed that ideas are implemented without consulting his fellow co-founder, Jeremy Wood. Hoskinson added that unlike Elon Musk, he seeks the opinion of his colleagues before making final decisions on matters concerning the company. To this end, Hoskinson reiterated the importance of having people who can question and challenge your ideas.

Lastly, Charles disclosed that he is currently shifting his focus form the development of software products to the construction of protocols. He argued that application software usually become obsolete after a few years of existence, while protocols tend to last for considerably longer periods. Precisely, he referred to the development of time as a wastage of time when compared to making protocols, since the latter is more likely to exist for decades and requires the same effort as the former.

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