Cardano's Leader Discusses Prometheus, Plutus & Smart Contracts ADA Projects

Cardano Announces New Features Implementation

Cardano's CEO, Charles Hoskinson has revealed the network will introduce new features such as Prometheus, Plutus, Side Chains and Cardano's Smart Contracts very soon.

The professor made this revelation in a video recorded at the just ended World Blockchain Conference in Singapore which was posted on Twitter.

Prometheus Outlook

Hoskinson maintained in the video there is enormous enthusiasm from users concerning the portable code. He noted:

“Prometheus is slated to be a backend toolbox that will be used to power multiple wallets such as a browser-based wallet, a software wallet, and a command line wallet.”

The professor disclosed the features are the first releases in an upcoming line of developments. He recommended Rust as the best user-friendly computer language to formulate portable code rather than Haskell.

Hoskinson further announced Cardano is putting up a team that will be responsible for carrying over the characteristics of the platform for the development of mobile wallets, light wallets and embedded devices. In fact, it's this combined code that is nicknamed ‘Project Prometheus’.

This according to him is ongoing for the past three months and it is expected to see the light in September.

Introducing Plutus

On Plutus, he hinted the central aim is to guarantee data can shift between multiple platforms. Moreso, the Plutus project team has been growing undeviatingly with progressive endeavors towards the use of elaborate computer language to ensure a broader and vigorous platform.

Moreso, the ADA CEO declared Cardano will have its own ERC20 style model with IELE and KEVM being established at the moment.

Smart Contracts

Commenting on the debut of Smart Contracts, he said:

“To ensure IOHK’s projects are more streamlined, Cardano has also hired a new project manager who will be overseeing the launch of two smart contract test nets.”

He also stated Cardano is applying Solidity, a surface language as a result of its extensive library and systemic benefits. Again, Solidity will be used to test both IELE and KEVM – the test nets.

Sidechains Features

Hoskinson acknowledged that though, there is a considerable pace concerning Side-chains, the idea nevertheless includes the ‘principle vs pragmatism’ debate. Whilst the publisher wants the code to be tested repeatedly, the publisher wants to publish it as soon as its implementation.

It is his optimism they can demonstrate Side-chains by combining some centralized chains to the platform as a permitted ledger.  “Cardano is hoping to demonstrate that we are the most user-friendly platform available on the market right now,” he concluded.

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