Cardano’s Price for ADA Coin Goes Up Following Integration With Ledger Wallet

Cardano (ADA), currently the eleventh largest cryptocurrency by market cap, is shooting to the stars now as it was recently revealed that the token would be integrated with the popular Ledger Wallet. At the time of this report, Cardano was 6% up, a large number considering that we are in a bear market. These gains have turned Cardano into the Top 15 token that has seen the biggest gains this week.

According to reports from crypto media outlets, two specific events which are not necessarily related made the prices go up. The first one is that the Cardano Foundation was officially included as one of the founding members of the International Association for Trusted Blockchain Application (INATBA).

The goal of the organization is to develop the blockchain technology in order to bring progress to society and spread the crypto adoption in Europe. The organization currently has several policymakers, regulators and civil organizations. Cardano will be a part of it and will talk with these actors in order to push crypto adoption forward.

Cardano was also added to the Ledger Wallet, as affirmed by Charles Hoskinson, the creator of the token, on Twitter. The announcement of the integration was not so recent, in fact, as it happened originally on February 2.

However, the token made by the founder of the token has shown just how next we are to actually see the tokens being properly integrated.

The Price Increase

Cardano has risen in value by over $200 million USD recently. The price started to go up on March 9, when it went from $0.042 USD to $0.048 USD per token, an increase of almost 15%. At the moment, the token is barely down the $0.05 USD mark.cardano-ada-coin-price-weekly-increase

On March 9, Cardano was worth $1.102 billion USD and now it is worth $1.28 billion USD, an increase of almost $200 million.

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