The global epidemic of obesity and weight gain has risen over the years especially in developed countries. Studies show that this problem is a real threat as by the year 2025 a fifth of the global population will be affected by obesity.

What Is Cardium?

Cardium offers a solution to this problem by rewarding any sports activity. The solution also solves a known problem in the crypto industry that of the popularization of cryptocurrencies as none of the cryptocurrency projects used before has successfully equally distributed cryptocurrency to the global population or allowed the digital coins to be widely used in the world.

The lack of motivation and limited knowledge of sports are some of the main obstacles that have prevented people from engaging in sports. The Cardium project hopes to provide a solution to these issues by use of the Cardium fitness tracker.

The tracker can be used as a companion device on the iOS and Android operating systems. After a user purchases the Cardium fitness tracker and completes the registration process on the website, the Cardium app will need to be installed which can be done by downloading the app via the Play Market or the App Store. The connection between the devices is enabled by the Bluetooth technology.

How Cardium Cardio Activity Cryptocurrency Works

The tracker will collect the user’s health data and transfer it to the smartphone. This data will later be sent to the Cardium. According to the number of calories burnt, the user will automatically get their equivalent tokens in their wallet. The project will also use knowledge databases that will facilitate the engagement process. Each user will get the tokens for any physical activity achieved with the help of the fitness tracker.

The production of the tokens will increase due to the mining pool that connects to users of the gym. The tokens obtained from the mining process can be used in the marketplace by personal trainers, gyms, and those who want to buy sport-related goods and services from the project partners.

Cardium Features

  • The fitness tracker device that will be the first link to the Cardium platform
  • Remuneration that will be in the form of tokens for physical activity. The tokens that can be exchanged with real money in exchanges.
  • Mining pools that will allow users to get more tokens for every workout.
  • Events users will be able to participate in events sponsored by partners and advertisers
  • A marketplace where users will get professional recommendations from trainers in exchange for tokens.
  • One dollar for every sale of the fitness tracker will go out to a charity fund to help fight obesity.

Cardium CAD Token ICO Details

The token complies with the ERC20 standard, and it is based on the Ethereum platform. The pre-ICO sale will start on 16th April and end on 19th April. The ICO will start on 1st June and end on 30th June 2018. The cryptocurrency accepted during the ICO will only be Ethereum.

The advantages of the token include:

  • Ensuring the transparency of payments and transactions
  • Minimizes the risk of fund embezzlement
  • Ensures the security and confidentiality of information
  • Safety of funds as the funds are autonomously controlled by the smart contract
  • Allows for cross-border transactions
  • The tokens guarantee payment as this is implemented by the smart contract.

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