CareerXon is a decentralized skills training platform. Find out everything you need to know about the platform today in our review.

What is CareerXon?

CareerXon aims to be a platform that unifies all the different career-finding websites on the internet today. The long-term goal of the project is to create a list of new jobs, including a map that automatically updates itself with relevant jobs as well as the required skills and experiences for those jobs.

Users will be able to add details of their education, experience, and skills into the platform, then the platform will return a list of jobs near your location that match your education, experience, and skills.

The jobs will show up in your city or in your country on a map. All jobs are related to the skills and educational details you entered.

“It’s basically an Uber of jobs”, explains the official website. “Once the job is removed from the career page, it’ll automatically be removed from the platform map.”

Let’s take a closer look at how CareerXon plans to revolutionize the world of job seeking.

What Problems Does CareerXon Seek to Solve?

CareerXon’s whitepaper explains that unemployment is the biggest problem facing the world today. There are millions of unemployed people around the world. Countries with high youth unemployment are facing instability, while even countries with low unemployment rates aren’t in an ideal situation: many are stuck with fewer hours than they would like, for example, while others are employed at jobs unsuited to their experience.

“Every country in the world shares the job creation challenge and it is one we cannot afford to ignore,” explains the CareerXon whitepaper.

Basically, CareerXon wants to solve a problem as old as civilization: it’s tough for everyone to find a good job.

How Does CareerXon Work?

Obviously, “lack of good jobs” has been a problem for virtually every civilization in the history of the world. How does CareerXon plan to solve this fundamental problem?

The main goal “is to develop tools that use new technologies.” To be more specific, the company plans to connect job listing services online and offline into a single unified platform.

This platform will be built on a decentralized system. That system will be used to manage all stages of the hiring and employment process, including all of the following:

  • Identifying, defining, and designing job openings
  • Recruiting and attracting candidates
  • Sorting applicants
  • Contacting candidates
  • Closing the deal
  • Socializing new employees

To achieve these ambitious goals, CareerXon will analyze websites that aren’t visible in search engines, then collect in-demand skills from those job listings. CareerXon will showcase on-demand skills needed in specific geographic locations worldwide.

The end result is a better system for all people involved in the employment process. The CareerXon whitepaper identifies groups like self-employed professionals, the unemployed, students, companies, “industries”, and “miscellaneous engineering fields” as groups that can benefit from CareerXon.

CareerXon will connect these individuals to training services. So users can browse CareerXon, find in-demand skills and experiences, then apply for training programs that teach those skills.

All transactions are performed over a smart contract.

The CareerXon ICO

The CareerXon ICO begins with a pre-sale from November 4 to November 18, 2017. 2.9 million CRN tokens are being released during this pre-sale.

The date for the ICO has not yet been announced. However, 11.6 million CRN tokens are scheduled to be released during the ICO. 400,000 tokens are going to the team and 100,000 CRN tokens are going to bounties. That gives us a total supply of 15 million CRN Tokens.

The CareerXon token is an ERC20 compliant token built on the Ethereum blockchain. 60% of funds raised from the ICO will go towards market cap of the token (in an effort to increase its chances of being listed on major exchanges). The remaining funds will be used for salaries (20%), founders and partners (10%), platform marketing (5%), and legal costs (5%).

Who’s Behind CareerXon?

CareerXon is led by founder Jonas Valent, who has 10+ years of experience in computing and IT. This appears to be Valent’s LinkedIn profile, which lists his location as Lithuania.

The goal is to complete development of the CareerXon project by 2018.

CareerXon Update from November 4

On November 4, a project update was posted on That update explained that the company was closing the pre-sale, canceling the ICO, and refunding money to all contributors.

“I’ve got new plans,” explains Valent in the forum post, “As my team got busy in there [sic] field jobs.”

CareerXon doesn’t appear to be totally canceled. However, it’s not totally clear where the project is currently headed. You can visit the forum thread for the latest updates.

During the pre-sale, the company reportedly distributed 140,000 tokens to 1100 backers.


CareerXon is a bit of an unusual project. The company’s whitepaper and website has some awkward wording and vague but ambitious goals. Basically, the goal of CareerXon is to create a map or list of all the jobs in a particular area, including the skills required for those jobs. The goal is to create a database of all job postings from online and offline sources, then explain the skills needed for those jobs.

As of early November, CareerXon is in a state of flux. The project’s creator suddenly announced that the ICO was canceled after team members became busy at their current jobs. The project doesn’t seem to be totally canceled, although backers have received refunds.

To learn more about CareerXon, visit the platform online today at

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