Careon Chain

What Is Careon Chain?

CAREON Chain is a blockchain-based platform that aims at providing a single forum for the sharing of hybrid vehicle data, projects, innovations, and research work. It seeks to achieve this by making the whole world act as a research, innovation, and development center for technology in the automotive sector for the development of hybrid cars. The platform seeks the generation of an interaction between developers, researchers, and manufacturers of hybrid vehicles across the world.

How Careon Chain Blockchain Hybrid Vehicle Platform Works

The platform offers a decentralized network that allows the storage of every research work whether it’s college projects or research that is scientifically proven to be used to develop hybrid technology usable in the automotive sector. The hybrid car technology helps in the production of hybrid vehicles that are of low cost due to government tax incentives, are high performing, and will reduce the dependency of car owners to the usage of fossil fuels like petrol and diesel thus leading to reduction in pollution.

The purpose of hybrid cars is the provision of a cutting edge, practical solution to drivers by producing less toxic gases. The hybrid car combines a gas engine and an electronic motor whose batteries are automatically recharged while driving, which helps the engine while it is accelerating. The platform's goal is the changing of the global market of hybrid cars by making it highly transparent and reliable. It also seeks to make the relevant information very accessible to its users.

Careon Chain REO Token & ICO Details

The platform's token called the REO coin is a utility token on the platform that gives investors an opportunity of trading on the network. Users need to hold the REO tokens issued during the platform's Initial Coin Offering, in order to upload their research work on the system. The manufacturers of the hybrid cars will purchase the research data from users and pay for it using the tokens. In future, the tokens will be used for the purchasing of hybrid cars and in eCommerce websites.

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token symbol: REO
  • Token sale date: 5th Aug- 15th Oct 2018
  • Accepted payment method: ETH, BTC
  • Total token supply: 360,000,000 REO
  • ICO: 165,000,000 REO
  • Soft cap: 2,000,000 USD
  • Hard cap: 20,000,000 USD

Careon Chain Benefits

Fast Transactions

The platform is a unique one and through the usage of blockchain technology, transactions made on the system are very fast and reliable.

Exchange Money

The platform offers an exchange whereby exchanges done between various popular currencies is are fast. Users can instantly send and receive from one currency to the other.


The platform contains an improved system used to verify borrowers of funds for investments. It also provides verification services for other services and platforms also.

Online Wallet

The platform offers its users with an online wallet where they can keep exchange and invest their money on the system in a secure and transparent way. Users can also use the stored money to make purchases and pay for service.

Advanced Security System

The platform contains an advanced security system for the storage of all the hybrid car technology papers using the blockchain technology. Users can rest assured that the information is safe and will not fall to unauthorized hands.

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