Today in healthcare systems, new technologies such as blockchain are presenting new possibilities in the spread of data, information and knowledge are bringing forth dramatic changes. Despite the response to blockchain happening slowly and cautiously we still cannot refute the process that will eventually become inevitable.

Much like other ICO, the CareParrot is putting a great deal of attention on how blockchain could help navigate our health sector and provide a better understanding of the environment for the patients, health professionals and the necessary stakeholders. The lead ICO is already on course to design a next-generation, population health-focused system to reflect the capability of blockchain technology in unique healthcare circumstances.

About CareParrot

CareParrot focuses on getting every individual to adapt to a new system of health care that is not only useful but also efficient in the transfer of medical data. Through the proposed decentralized network, CareParrot looks to build a protocol that could serve as a secure portal where doctors and patients can engage without intermediaries. The goal is to give the medical professional full authority to manage their services while also enable them to spend the time to interact and offer their expertise to the patients.

What CareParrot Blockchain Patient & Doctor Healthcare Offers

CareParrot Network proposes offering their solutions through the following methods:

App Marketplace

The universal lobby app will give users the power and responsibility to control their health care by giving them space to create and innovate new health solutions.

P2P Healthcare

The Peer-to-peer healthcare protocol present brings doctors and patients much closer together to create an open structure for global patient-doctor interaction.

Core Miner

The foundation of the CareParrot platform is the Core Miner app. The community-based mining app will allow users to earn the platform's native token and use it to interact with others. Users can also take advantage of the Gamified Proof of stake mining protocol to easily earn themselves tokens from their interaction on the community app.

CareParrot CPX Token & ICO Details

The CareParrot Token is the ERC20 compliant token applicable to reward users for participating and interacting on the community app. Primarily, the tokens will also support the CareParrot ecosystem including features such as the DApps, future platforms, and transactions. The CPX coin is the only recognized means of value provided between parties using the CareParrot network system.

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token Symbol: CPX
  • Pre-sale: Period- 1 July till October 30, 2018
  • Crowd sale: Period- November 1-30, 2018
  • Token Price: 1 CPX = $0.10
  • Token Standard: ERC20
  • Soft Cap: $3M USD
  • Hard Cap: 200M CPX

Is CareParrot An Applicable Solution?

In line with CareParrot’s vision, here's how the platform plans to benefit the community for their participation in their healthcare solution:

  • Benefits and rewards for actively participating in content contribution, CPX adoption and patient testimony within the community healthcare app.
  • Global medical tourism with the ability for users to access healthcare anywhere anytime.
  • Consensus payment solution as the CPX token acts as the primary payment method for the system of care

CareParrot Conclusion

There is all the rage with blockchain technology becoming the next frontier for decentralizing all our industries with healthcare part of it. Still, we have to recognize that the sector is still slow to adopt and there is not much change over the years to signify any shift to adopting such revolutionary technology.

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